The secrets of making green soup

Poshagovyi the recipe for a delicious borscht.(video).

Секрети приготування зеленого борщу


  • Turkey meat — 1 medium drumstick
  • the language of beef or pork — 1 large or two small
  • onion — 1 piece (large)
  • carrot — 1 piece (large)
  • potatoes — 3-4 pieces
  • chicken eggs — 3-4 pieces
  • fresh sorrel (can be canned, to taste) — 1 large bunch
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • fresh herbs to taste

Step by step recipe

One of the first things to start with is broth. To do this, take a deep saucepan, for example, five-liter. Entering the water slightly more than half, reports Rus.Media.

Take the Turkey leg, pork or beef tongue thoroughly wash under running water. Send the prepared meat into the pan. Peeled onions and carrots, add to the pot with the meat in one piece without cutting. Cover with a lid and put it on the stove. On medium heat bring to a boil, then reduce heat, add salt. The meat and tongue cook until tender. In a separate pan boil the eggs After the meat and tongue are cooked, remove the lid and remove the onions and carrots. They are no longer required. Take out the meat from the pan, and language. Give time to cool down. Meanwhile, chop the potatoes and eggs in small cubes. The amount of potatoes and eggs determined independently, depending on the size of the pan or the number of servings of soup. Fresh sorrel, my under running water, cut off the stems. Cut to make thin stripes. You can use canned sorrel, but keep in mind that the soup with it will be a little more acidic and colony, so when cooking broth salt should be added less. Now use a fork and knife separate the meat from the Turkey bones, cut into small pieces. The size of the pieces define yourself as You like. Send back to the pan. Of cold tongue cut away the skin. Cut as well as meat, into small pieces. You can also get hot tongue from the pan and immediately put under running cold water. Then it is much easier to remove the peel. Put back in the pan the meat, tongue and potatoes. Cover with a lid and cook until the potatoes are done. Then add chopped eggs and sorrel. Cook on low heat for about ten minutes. It is necessary that the sorrel powerisa and gave the soup a beautiful green color. Turn off the heat, soup is ready. Poured into plates a La carte. Decorate with chopped greens our soup. You can add sour cream. I am sure the taste of this broth does not compare to anything else. Now You know the secret of making delicious and very healthy soup. Very good work!

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