The most harmful foods to buy them all is impossible!


Найшкідливіші продукти харчування - їх купувати взагалі не можна!

Now you certainly will discover many new things. Indeed, in this black list, in addition to commonplace sweets and sausages, was the foods that are considered very useful. Their use will sooner or later impact on your health and it will happen necessarily, reports Rus.Media.

We have collected recommendations of gastroenterologists and built the list of products, which in any case should not get into your grocery cart:

1. Oil low fat

Найшкідливіші продукти харчування - їх купувати взагалі не можна!

The fat content of butter starts with 82.2 %. Anything below this level is TRANS-fats. For cooking vegetable oil low grade broken with hydrogen.

It is better to eat natural vegetable oil than a surrogate. Or allow yourself a bundle of expensive butter, but eat it little by little. TRANS fats, deprive the body of strength and energy for dealing with stress and depression.

That’s what products contain TRANS fats:

  • soft butter, mix butter and vegetable oil;
  • store-bought mayonnaise and ketchup (on the basis of the modified starch);
  • margarine;
  • refined vegetable oil;
  • fast food (for its preparation are used hydrogenated fats);
  • confectionery – cookies, crackers, cakes, pastries and the like, which is cooking oil;
  • chips, popcorn, etc.;
  • frozen semi-finished products.

2. Products, which is composed of methenamine

Найшкідливіші продукти харчування - їх купувати взагалі не можна!

This list should be made and salted herring in plastic containers. It should be stored only in oil, not in vinegar or wine. Herring oil is a threat for life: he must have added the hexamine is a reaction product of ammonia and formaldehyde.

In the trash should send subcooler caviar. The shelf life it is short. It or freeze, or well salted. Salted caviar is probably the “flavored” methenamine, or citric acid, i.e. derivatives of formaldehyde.

3. Creation of genetic engineering. These include:

Найшкідливіші продукти харчування - їх купувати взагалі не можна!

  • cocoa;
  • crab sticks (which almost no crab meat, they consist of Grabovo essence, mixed with soy);
  • peanuts (it is mixed with the gene of Petunia is terribly toxic substance, but the insects don’t even touch the peanuts);
  • imported potatoes;
  • cereals and cereals with strawberry, banana, etc. – strong flavor they impart chemical flavors and dyes – and not pieces of fruit in the composition;
  • canned green peas and corn.
  • corn sticks and cereal with sugar – the sweetness gives them no sugar (it burns at 140 degrees) and sugar substitutes, for example, cyclamate;
  • lollipops – they are made of such chemicals that has been lightly moistened with water candy, you can burn through the cloth, even plastic is destroyed;
  • jams, marmalades – the wonders of the chemical industry that have nothing to do with what it was in the Soviet Union.

4. Especially life-threatening products:

Найшкідливіші продукти харчування - їх купувати взагалі не можна!

  • What are the words “fast food”: soup, noodles, mashed potatoes, etc solid chemistry.
  • Dairy products with a long shelf life (over 2 months). Quality products are not stored for more than 2 weeks.
  • Watermelons, especially if you eat them out of season. They are grown on some of the chemicals that you never dreamed of.
  • Pepper (not in season). Absolutely genetically modified product.
  • Cupcakes in packages and rolls, which do not harden or deteriorate even after a month or even a year.
  • Tea with additives and different flavors – a chemical that is addictive.
  • Refined, deodorized oil – it is of no benefit to the body and even the opposite – it blocks all the process of digestion.
  • Strawberries in winter are absolutely useless product, vitamins in it.
  • A separate theme – candy and chocolate bars. What they are – not chocolate. It’s the chemical additives in combination with genetically modified products, dyes and flavors. Large amounts of sugar provides them with high calorie.
  • One more favorite product – smoked sausages, frankfurters, sausages, etc. everything is Made from genetically modified soybeans.

What we consider meat is actually bacon fat, pork rind. Everything is generously seasoned with flavors and not be distinguished from natural meat. As such, the meat in the sausage is not more than 5%.

Everything else – gel (karatekin, flavor enhancers, color enhancers). The color pink is the “meat” gets through the color enhancers and special lighting. If you turn off the lamp in the window, you will see that the color is actually closer to green.

5. Sweet drinks

It is a mixture of sugar, chemicals and gases that can be used to clean the kettle from scale or rust. Think carefully before sending such liquid into the stomach.

They contain huge amount of sugar – about 4-5 teaspoons in a glass of water. Therefore, quenching his thirst with such soda should not be surprised that in five minutes you again thirsty.

This also applies to packaged juices – juice, but there are a lot of coloring, flavorings and sugar.

Найшкідливіші продукти харчування - їх купувати взагалі не можна!

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