The man swore, telling about the love of Eurovision: published video

Interview with foul language was broadcast.

Кіркоров вилаявся матом, розповідаючи про любов до Євробачення: опубліковано відео

Russian singer Filipp Kirkorov, who produced the Eurovision song contest-2018 participants from Moldova, during an interview with Swedish television swore, reports Rus.Media.

The footage video a man talks about his love for Eurovision. At some point, hearing the noise, the singer apologizes to reporter, gets up and walks to the next room.

“Excuse me, please, what noise? Can you not rustle here, huh? *** To get out of here and don’t do that. You don’t understand what it is all hear? You can? Thank you!” – cursed man.

The publication notes that in this form the interview was broadcast. And the words of the singer translated, “followed by an untranslatable play on words with the use of local idiomatic expressions.”

Note that Kirkorov is not for the first time allows himself to foul language in public. So, in 2004, at a press conference in Rostov-on-don the singer in rough shape, using swear words, replied to the journalist Irina Aroyan.

Recall that the group DoReDos from Moldova won the Eurovision song contest in 2018 tenth place. The winner of the 63rd song contest was Israeli Netta Barzilai.

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