Stroke – the First necessary steps to save yourself and your family life

This information may save your life!

Інсульт - Перші необхідні кроки, щоб врятувати собі та близьким життя

This information may save your life!, reports Rus.Media.

If at least someone will remember this simple information, we will be able to save the lives of some people!

First, a brief history

While camping, a young girl suddenly stopped and collapsed to the ground. The campers wanted to help, but she showed absolutely everyone that he felt fine, just tripped on a rock in new shoes.

The girl was very pale and exhausted, she dusted off the sand and gave the plate of food. Was the day of Inga held without any excesses. After everyone went home, her husband called everyone and said that his wife was taken away by ambulance. At 11 PM his beloved died. The reason for this was a stroke.

If vacationers knew the signs of a stroke, the girl would still be alive to this day.

Most people do not die suddenly. Most often the symptoms for a long time, and the person can be helped in time by calling the doctor.

You will not lose a lot of time by reading the following text…

Neurosurgeons misleading, if within 3 hours of time to assist, the consequences can be avoided. The important point is that you need to define the stroke and to act during this short time, and this, of course, is not so easy.

There are 4 ways to recognize this disease:

Tell him to man smiled widely as possible (the patient will succeed with difficulty).

Ask them to pronounce basic offer (for example: it’s raining now).

Offer to raise their hands (can not or only partly).

Ask the person to stick out his tongue (if he is twisted or rotated – should drive you to the hospital).

Also indications for seeking medical attention are:

numbness, migraine and dizziness, a sharp deterioration of visual acuity.

If you have difficulty with even one of these items, call the doctor and describe symptoms by phone.

Knowing just these basic symptoms, you can always help or even save the lives of those around you.

Some more symptoms:

sudden weakness, darkening of the eyes, or decreased visual acuity in one eye, inability to understand someone else’s speech, sudden severe headache that may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, impaired spatial orientation, loss of sustainability and consciousness!

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