So that the hair is thick

Recipe for beauty the hair vitamins.

Щоб волосся стало густим

How to make hair thick and beautiful, reports Rus.Media.

You need to buy at the pharmacy “Essenziale” in the vials (normally used for recovery of liver cells).

In this balanced composition of vitamins plus phospholipids, the latter well supported the cell membrane. And this is just what you need to the weakened hair roots. Since in medicine there are and water – and fat-soluble vitamins, to apply them on the hair need to be in an environment where there is water and fat.


  • 1 egg yolk, 1-2 teaspoons of sour cream, 0.5 ampoules “Essenziale”.

Wash your hair the usual way, a good squeeze the hair and immediately apply the mixture.

Apply to the roots of clean hair, massage, wrap with cellophane and a towel.

Keep 1 hour (for short hair enough 1/3 of the ampoule).

After the mask simply rinse with water and dry in a natural way (without a Hairdryer).

Repeat 3-5 times (a week). The effect is visible the next day.

The proposed method is tested on one head (with dry, oily and normal hair type). Will feel when to stop. If you wish you can reinforce the results of one procedure per month.

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