Russian rapper beat up a fan at a concert

The incident occurred at one of the concerts rap artist.

Російський репер побив фаната на концерті

22-year-old Russian rapper Gleb Golubin, better known as Pharaoh (Pharaoh), during a concert in Russia broke its fan. Video with the outrageous behavior of the Executive took one of his fans and posted on the web, reports Rus.Media.

The video shows the musician he spoke with someone from the audience in the front row. However, apparently, trying to talk to a fan failed, and after a few seconds the rap artist hit the fan with his fist and started jumping around the stage, waving his arms.

Admirers of the musician in the comments under the video and was troubled by the behavior of the rapper: “What a nightmare!”, “Two of a kind”, “I Think they deserve each other”, “Honestly, nobody cares. Moreover, with a probability higher than 50% it was a planned action to draw attention to the Pharaoh.”

Note, Pharaoh began musical activity in 2012. He is a former member of the bands Grindhouse and YungRussia and leader of the creative Association Dead Dynasty.

Watch the video, which shows how the Pharaoh hit the fan:

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