Right-handed or left-handed? How?

It would seem, what difference, right-handed or left-handed child?

Правша чи лівша? Як правильно?

But before all the children were taught to be right handed. I, for one, was born left-handed and I remember. as parents were taught to take the spoon with your right hand. I asked my mother – why? She said, well, my dad and I do everything right hand, so I must be right-handed, informs Rus.Media.

And I, my daughter nor forced to do anything. Moreover, I noticed that it with early childhood tries to take the spoon and pencils then the right, then the left hand. Sometimes I draw a bit right, and then shift in the left hand. I did some research and learned that up to 1.5 years the child is still unconscious takes the objects of a particular hand, but after already begins to be determined.

I have to retrain my daughter to perform basic tasks with the right hand will not. She will determine how she will be easier and perhaps you will, like her grandfather, to write and draw, and right and left hand equally.

I also want to share a test that helps determine right-handed or left-handed you are by nature. According to my results, it turned out that I 75% perencana left-handed.

To pass the test you need to perform 4 tasks:

  1. Throw a leg over the other. Which will be on top, remember (it’s 25%).
  2. Close the fingers to the castle. Remember, the big finger of a hand will be on top (25%).
  3. Attach cell phone to your ear. And which ear – left or right – remember (25%).
  4. Get your hands up front, making finger gun, and find any point in front of him. Not taking his hands, cover his left eye. If the target has moved, remember that the eye you have covered. If the point remained in the same place, cover the other eye and check the same pattern (here’s the last 25%).

Now count, accounting for interest, how are you right-handed or left-handed, and check with which hand now own better. You might be also retrained? Also, this test will be more likely to understand who your child is right – handed or left-handed. Take this test with her.

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