On what drove Vladimir Vysotsky?

The memory of the Soviet times, some imbued with negativity, but many remember about the Soviet Union with nostalgia

The memory of the Soviet times, some imbued with negativity, but many remember about the Soviet Union with nostalgia. And let some positive aspects of controversial (products, might have been quality, but behind them is a queue), but the Soviet era is still marked by some definite positive. So, about Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky, about the original man with boundless energy and powerful charisma, which became a kind of “voice of the Soviet Union”, the people in their overwhelming majority still keeps bright the memory. His background is difficult to perceive contemporary culture. For example, Noize MC – the same people with a strong poetic gift, but his work basically comes down to the fact that “all around bad”. Vysotsky, of course, also was a lover of satire and choice of gloom: his songs “on the topic for” largely relevant today. Yes, you can endlessly savor extremely politically incorrect filing of the theme of incest in his song “Giraffe great, he knows better”, also among the current members of the older generation is still possible to meet counterparts Zina and Ivan, leading a spiritual meeting in front of the TV in the same song. На чому їздив Володимир Висоцький? The picture shows a copy of the “Mercedes” and “copy” of the artist But Vysotsky was missing and lively, cheerful humor (without bile inherent in the same Ivan Alekseev), as well as lyrics and a noble, cheerful motifs (this despite the fact that his life was not as bright as his work, but it is better to leave the speculation on this topic alone). And Vladimir Semenovich came up with bright, and most importantly – clear images, at the peak of the persistent associative nonsense, typical of the songs of “Liapis Trubetskoy”, Yuri Shevchuk, Vyacheslav Butusov, or (I imagine, as the last sunbathes on a slow bird). With her incredible talent, Vysotsky much got away with it: he could in his works it hurts to bite then government (and in those years it was a lot worse than in our quiet times), but because it is often played, no one dared to touch. Beautiful Vladimir Semenovich settled! And live he could afford prettier than any other inhabitant of the USSR. На чому їздив Володимир Висоцький? And what a beautiful life without beautiful cars? Vysotsky there were many, and they are the subject of this essay (although, I confess, I would like to say a lot about his work, his virtuoso command of the Russian language, about this model the plots of his songs, but this conversation can go Oh how long, it can not fully be enclosed in the narrow confines of a small article). He began, as expected, with the original Soviet car from the 21st “Volga”, which was considered in those years to be the real thing. And the fact that by the standards of 1967, the year this machine was not considered to be so fast, do not interfere with the garage it is scary to drive: they say that “Volga” it very quickly broke. It is visible, Vladimir Semenovich invested as much energy in flying, as in their songs. However, if the songs he knew how this energy dosing (in peculiar only to him “torn”, “broken” manner), then the machines he did not so deftly as with his vocal cords and his beloved seven-string guitar. На чому їздив Володимир Висоцький? Not the same “penny”, but close to that But it did NOT demotivate! By purchasing one of the first in the Union “cents” (which he got virtually no queues), he also quickly broke. Legend has it that the reason was a dispute between Vysotsky and his friend (they argued with each other on “weak”: sending their cars into each other head-on, they decided to check who was the first to sgraffiti and pierce, and in the end, both stayed to the bitter ). На чому їздив Володимир Висоцький? Modest and cute Renault 16 car Following Vladimir Semenovich was the compact Renault 16, bought his wife Marina Vladi. Who can guess what this car was? Right, Vysotsky and beat her up. True, not much: the machine has been repaired. After that it was sold, driven away, first to Paris (thanks to the connections, the “iron curtain” was not for the actor obstacle, and this even despite the fact that, according to rumors, this car had no right to go further than 100 kilometers from Moscow) . На чому їздив Володимир Висоцький? BMW 2500v with factory index E3 This marked the beginning of much more good, but short-lived tradition: following his car Vladimir Semenovich (instead of break), too, drove to Paris and sold, after he was on it impact. It was a BMW with an index E3 (distant ancestor of the current “simok”). Actually have two cars: in 1974, the year Vysotsky drove one instance of gray and beige second. And since one of them was stolen (of course, this was not the handiwork of Vysotsky), the legendary actor just move numbers from one machine to another, riding them in turn until, while the stolen copy is not selected (some sources say that his Vysotsky has not taken, and that he quietly sold through the thrift shop). На чому їздив Володимир Висоцький? W116 (Vysotsky it was a more saturated blue) of Course the most prominent car Vysotsky became Executive Mercedes-Benz W116 body: it was purchased in 1976, the year in Munich, and in order to take possession of them, Vladimir Semenovich had to sweat. Told to pay a fee, he gave several concerts for the Soviet customs officers is absolutely free, and that those he gave the right to gradually pay duty on the import of this car (although other sources say that Vysotsky was entitled to duty-free import of cars from abroad). So he became one of the few owners of such cars in Moscow: in addition to it, such went, except that the heads of diplomatic missions Yes General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev, who was also fond of cars (the fleet deserves a separate story) and fast riding. На чому їздив Володимир Висоцький? Here it is, grandfather of the legendary W140 Rumor has it that the traffic cops often confused car Vysotsky with the same machine Brezhnev (why not a small reason for joy, given, frankly, the dismissive attitude of the actor to the SDA?). By the way, this car was one of the few former in the possession of the actor, which could theoretically accelerate to 200 kilometers per hour (friends of the actor say he’s not less travelled although this statement is, of course, debatable). На чому їздив Володимир Висоцький? Roadster with index R107 top configuration (Vysotsky was more simple version) I have to say that my car Vysotsky also had a solid object (the rumor says that it was a trolley). Got it and the next car – the Roadster Mercedes-Benz with the factory index R107 (this is the legendary SL-klasse). Both cars were eventually restored, but to ride them Vysotsky did not have time – in 1980 year, the artist passed away. About the fate of these cars, a lot of rumors: some said that brown Roadster, no one from the workshop never took (although someone claims that the car was later found in Germany in the hands of its former owner serosa of Babek, and later Marina Vlady), a light blue sedan was given for the debts of … whatever it was, today it is difficult to separate fact from legend. And legends – in particular related to its machines – a lot, so personality: even with the motor installed in the blue MB, there are many sources exactly can’t be determined (either there was a 3.5-liter, 4.5 – liter V8, it was a rare version of the 450SEL 6,9: it is possible that confusion arose because it is rumored to Vysotsky not one or even two “Mercedes”). На чому їздив Володимир Висоцький? Same car, rear view Before to write this article, I’ve often listened to Vysotsky. Listened to, including, and driving. His music is clearly not built for a specific riding style (correct to say that the work of this multifaceted man that does not fit into any canons). The only mode for which it is not exactly ideal for a cruel ride on the brink of a foul, well, not it sets the right mood! This music is not conducive to concentration on the road: it is necessary to listen, it is addictive, absorb your attention, leaving enabled only driving the autopilot (and desperately to blame, you need to be accurate). Maybe this is the reason that Vysotsky not so lucky behind the wheel of their cars (they say he turned on the tape recorder and rehearsed on the go)? Or is it that he didn’t love full of confidence and went on as if the brake has already failed? So it basically turns it, without fear of consequences, were burned by Napalm and in his work, it is not fear to displease the Soviet establishment, and on the road. But while the Soviet leadership caved in under the power of his spirit, the laws of physics were less accommodating …

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