Names that will bring their owners much success and luck in 2018

The name plays an important role in our lives.

Імена, які принесуть своїм власникам особливий успіх та удачу в 2018 році

It is a kind of fulcrum, with which we begin our life journey. Holders of certain names in 2018 will be a success, as they will appeal to a new patron – Yellow earth Dog. We’ll tell you who soon will become happy and who will have to fight for a place under the Sun, reports Rus.Media.

Best female names in 2018

Every year people with a specific name have the ability to change your life for the better. However, if you do not put extra effort, happiness will not. Astrologers say that in 2018 will be the actual soft and light on the pronunciation and sound of names. A new patron has a simple character, and it is unlikely he will like complex names that sometimes are not easy to pronounce even for an adult.


There is an opinion that this name is from French and Greek origin. Its owner is charming and sociable. Usually communication with them brings a fun one, because they are always open and ready to help. It often happens that Pauline did not differ in vulnerability and generally not picky people. Thanks to his sociability and geniality women with the same name will be able to achieve happiness in 2018.


Usually Jeanne – women cheerful and confident, but too capricious. They know what they want from life and always achieve their goals. Despite the fact that the owner of 2018 has a more worldly nature, it is the inner fire and determination of Joan will impress the patron.


Saying the name out loud, it’s hard not to notice his aggressive sound. It is of Greek origin and means “courageous”. Alexandra is very elegant and, despite the name value, very feminine. Thanks to its mystery and sophistication, they can easily get what you want and to establish a personal life in the new year.


From childhood these girls are very independent. They will not complain to parents if someone hurt them, but rather will give a fitting rebuff to the enemy. As they grow, they become purposeful and self-contained entities and can easily overcome any obstacles. Willpower and inner strength will help Irina to implement their plans and be on top of the world in 2018.

In the year of Yellow earth Dog also made the success of women with the names of Olga, Maria, Inna, Lesya, Vasilisa. Don’t worry if you missed the list of winners. Your life depends on you, and if you make the effort, you will be able to turn their dreams into reality.

Best male names in 2018

Strong and brave men shall have the same zvuchnyi Manama. The dog has a conservative nature, and therefore astrologers say that the men with ancient national names will be able to achieve success in 2018.


This name is translated from the Greek as “Lord.” Despite this, Kirili not always have leadership qualities and not very bossy. On the contrary, such men are flexible, especially in relations with the family. Men with this beautiful name have a big heart. Owing to the kindness and sincerity in the year of Yellow earth Dog they are waiting for huge success in your personal life.


Usually boys with this name spoiled since childhood. However, this does not prevent them to achieve their goals in life. In 2018 Bogdanov will succeed financially. Support Yellow Dog will help you to realize your plans and get closer to your dream.


A traditional Russian name. Its owners peculiar extraordinary inner strength, but they can be kind and understanding. Benjamin is quite smart and conservative personality, that’s why their so fond of Yellow earth Dog. In 2018, Fortuna will surely be on the side of men with this exquisite name.


Astrologers believe that the owners of this name will be the most successful in 2018. Lice rarely speak about their abilities to others, and many do not even realize what they’re capable of. Within them are hidden great potential – it was the influence of the Dog will help them to open up and safely move to its goal.

In 2018 the fortune to be on the side of men with names Artem, Nikita, Nicholas, Gleb, and Sviatoslav. They will be able to achieve their goals through inner strength and strong-willed character. Even if you are not a favorite of the Yellow earth Dog, you have all the chances to conquer it, demonstrating their hard work and determination.

To luck did not leave you, leave problems in the past and tune into the positive. Don’t forget to make a wish on new year’s eve is a magical holiday can be executed innermost dreams.

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