Milk and cancer: is there a connection?(video)

Milk causes cancer or protects against it?

Молоко і рак: чи є зв&#039язок?(відео)

This video is about milk, reports Rus.Media.

Milk causes cancer or protects against it? Scarcely was debunked a myth about the dangers of fatty dairy products as a source of cholesterol, as a new sensation in the United States published data that milk can cause the growth of malignant tumors. Is it true?

Experts analyzed data from more than 60 thousand residents of Europe and came to the conclusion that those women who regularly ate more than 4 servings of dairy products a day (stands out especially whole milk), 2 times more often was ill with ovarian cancer than those who consumed dairy products is not more than 2 times a day. In men with similar data for the development of prostate cancer was increased by 39%. Other studies also showed the dependence of developing cancer of the stomach, intestines and bladder.

What is the explanation? The greatest harm, obviously, does whole milk, not sour milk products like cheese, in which estrogenic growth hormones are partially destroyed. However, it turns out that milk also contains substances that prevent and inhibit the development of cancer cells. How it all goes together, you can understand after watching the video:

Can the same product be both medicine and poison? It turns out that can. “According to various estimates, from 17 to 89% of the population suffer from lachoseprincipale. By itself, the body’s inability to digest milk sugar is not a disease but a genetic trait — the authors report the channel. But the refusal of milk and dairy products is the rejection of the source of calcium and vitamin D from a whole cocktail of essential amino acids and trace elements.

Dairy products are particularly necessary to residents of Northern regions — those places where a year is too few Sunny days. A real salvation for people of steel products with reduced lactose content. And some nutritionists recommend this diet to everyone, especially after 30 years.

According to one version, the adult body milk acts destructively, leading to an incurable disease. So should we abandon the whole, familiar to us milk or is it just a myth invented by “hands on” producers of a new line of lactose-free food?”

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