Milk: 5 common myths

Milk is one of the most amazing products, created by nature.

Молоко: 5 поширених міфів

No wonder it Smolka man starting his life. The question of the value of milk for the body and its role in a balanced healthy eating often become a subject of hot discussions. Myths and truths about this unique product so closely intertwined in our minds that to separate one from another is sometimes difficult. Let’s try to understand together.

Myth 1. Market milk is better than store-bought

Many supporters of “natural” products believe that the best milk marketplace. After all, according to them, quality can only be “alive” that contains “good” bacteria in the milk. And, of course, sweet grandmother who sells market milk from their cows, is a natural confidence. The truth, however, is somewhat different. Bought at natural markets milk, can be not only useful, but also dangerous. According to independent microbiological studies of raw milk, it contains several hundred strains of bacteria and 99% of them are harmful to humans. Agree, E. coli and yeast – not the most pleasant and useful “bonus” to the health drink. Some bacteria can just be harmless, but not useful. For us, the milk valuable its other properties and substances, in particular vitamins a, D, b-12, a unique milk protein casein, calcium and other trace elements.

Молоко: 5 поширених міфів

If we talk about fresh milk, it is really useful. But only if certain conditions are met. The most obvious of them – the cow must be healthy, to be in good conditions in an ecologically safe area. And even if you believe in “my grandmother” and the village from which you take “natural”, there is another important point: drink this milk without boiling is possible only within 2 hours after milking. The fact that about a period of time the milk remains sterile due to the presence of natural antibacterial substances. But after this period in milk actively begin to multiply and breed various bacteria.

Myth 2. To get rid of bacteria, it is sufficient to boil the milk

Yes, boiling kills bacteria. However, with them dying and almost all nutrients. Prolonged boiling destroys the calcium and most importantly the richness of milk – milk protein, a unique substance that is not in other products. Notice how the pan stays on the white rim, which is then difficult to wash? These are the most destroyed by boiling the calcium and milk protein. So boiling is not the best option.


Experts recommend to give preference to milk, which was ultrapasteurized. It is not only the most advanced but also the most gentle to the product technology. Ultra pasteurization the treatment of milk at ultrahigh temperature of 135-140°C for 4 seconds followed by rapid cooling to 4-5°C. the Powerful heat stroke kills all harmful microorganisms, including bacterial spores, and the short steam preserves nutrients. After this treatment, the milk is not spoiled – it does not have the bacteria that cause fermentation. Milk is ready to drink is to boil it is not necessary.

Myth 3. Milk is good in any form

Milk is milk, and therefore useful in any form. Soured? Nothing is the same Kislyak… I Have to admit that this is one of the most dangerous errors. Soured milk in its pure form job dangerous bacteria. Be careful, especially quickly and violently skachivat milk E. coli, which cause goiter and can cause substantial harm. Bacteria can get into the milk in various ways: through dirty hands, dishes, from a sick cow, air and history of this curdled milk is not the most pleasant. Sour milk is spoiled, and this statement from a medical point of view it is impossible to refute. Safe that can only be true dairy products, store-bought or made from quality milk by using special starters.

Молоко: 5 поширених міфів

Myth 4. If the milk skachivaetsya, it is unnatural

Home milk really quickly sours. Not the case with store-bought milk: UHT, for example, is not skachivaetsya, but this has nothing to do with his “senatorelect”. It’s just that it already cleaned from foreign bacteria (no bacteria, no fermentation) and protected with a special multilayer cardboard packaging, which does not allow bacteria to penetrate from the outside. But that this milk is needed to make healthy and tasty milk product. Paradox? No, there are no contradictions. To make UHT milk safe curd or yogurt is not difficult. Add the milk a little pure starter cultures – and soon natural dairy product is ready.

Молоко: 5 поширених міфів

Myth 5. Natural product for a long time can not be stored

Surely you’ve seen in the supermarkets milk with an unusually long shelf life and wondered how this could be. Besides this milk is often not “cold” shelf, but just in the hall. Something here is not as you thought, is a natural product cannot be kept long. It turns out, maybe if it’s ultra pasteurized milk. We already spoke about this modern technology above. There is no secret: instant heat, kills all harmful bacteria and spores, instant cooling and bottling the special multi-layer packaging cardboard packages. The package, by the way, not only protects the milk from air, heat, light, moisture and bacteria, but also protects the product from heat. Therefore, such milk can safely be stored at room temperature. But, importantly, only closed – opened package, of course, should be put in the fridge.

Молоко: 5 поширених міфів

These five myths are the most common. And so it is very important to know how they correspond to the truth, to approach the choice of such an important product as milk consciously.

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