May 21: science Day in Ukraine

On the third Saturday of may Ukraine celebrated the professional holiday of workers of science — science Day.

21 травня: День науки в Україні

It is set by decree of the President dated 14.02.1997 No. 145/97.

The scientific potential of Ukraine is one of the best in Europe. Ukrainian scientists are the authors of many inventions in various fields of science. Scientific and technical activities regulated by the law adopted in Ukraine in 1999.

Today in Ukraine there are:

  • The national Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NAS of Ukraine), founded on 27 November 1918. and has now 3 sections, 14 departments, about 170 institutes and other scientific institutions.
  • 1400 scientific-research institutes.
  • 330 higher education institutions.
  • 7000 doctors, 78000 candidates.

According to statistics, in facilities under the control of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine now employs about 35 000 people. The largest regional scientific centers of the country is the Dnieper, Donets, southern, Western, North-Eastern and Crimean centers.

World science day was established by UNESCO in 2001, officially called the “world science day for peace and development” and is celebrated annually on 10 November.

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