Map ATO as at 21 Mar 2018

The situation in the East of the country (map ATO) as of 12:00 on 21 March 2018, according to the NSDC of Ukraine.

The last days on the front line was marked by the intensification of Russian-occupation forces. In particular, the militants deliberately violated a “comprehensive ceasefire” declared from midnight on 5 March, increased the number of attacks, but used the mortars at the defensive positions of our soldiers, reports Rus.Media.

In General, the area of the operation of containment and resistance to Russian military aggression were 5 sighting of enemy attacks. While the Russian occupation troops fired at our defensive positions 20 rounds from 82-mm mortars.

Ukrainian soldiers return fire was not opened.

As a result of enemy shelling was one of our wounded soldier, another defender received a combat injury. They were taken to a military mobile hospital. The health of our defenders – satisfactory.

Lugansk direction

Despite a lull in the afternoon, the enemy showed activity in the evening, already dark at the time of a day. Here have been 3 sighting of enemy attacks.

Around 19:30 the enemy opened fire with small arms on Oboronna the village of Lugansk.

Almost simultaneously, at about 22:30, within hours, the Russian militants and the occupation forces started firing mortars caliber 82 mm at our defensive positions in the area of Trinity and Luhansk. And close to Trinity recorded and enemy fire from anti-aircraft installations ZU-23-2.

Donetsk direction

2 recorded sighting of enemy attacks.

Around 13:00 the enemy was shooting from grenade launchers and heavy machine guns of the defenders of the Sands. 18:00 the occupants have applied for our Oborona Avdeevka rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank guns.

Information of the Press center of the headquarters of the environmental protection

Gunmen armed forces of the Russian Federation continues to violate the peace at the site where the planned breeding of forces and means of the parties in the area of the settlement the Village Lugansk.

It is noted that the Ukrainian side of the Joint center for control and coordination of questions of ceasefire and stabilization of the demarcation line (JCCC) informed the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE about last night’s fire from small arms on positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces near the village of Lugansk.

Like the previous shelling of the positions near the village of Lugansk, was documented on March 15, and yesterday indicate the reluctance of the leaders of the occupation administration of the Russian Federation to leave the held position.

For its part, Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready to withdraw their forces and resources in the area breeding in the area of Stanytsia Luhanska in the mirror version, if strict compliance with the requirements of the Framework decision of the Trilateral contact group from the opposite side.

Information of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine

Russia is trying to mislead the population of the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass regarding the filling of a so-called “internal market” pseudorepublic exported goods. In particular, during February-March C.g. Russian enterprises of various ownership that are engaged in the supply of pharmaceutical goods to the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, significantly replaced a range of medicines produced in Russia for the products of other countries.

However, the actual exporters of medicines to the temporarily occupied territory of Donbass are Russian suppliers, who thus created the conditions to secure a concealed profits, and the Russian occupation administration is to mimic the supposedly “successful foreign economic activity”.

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