Lack of sleep can lead to serious illness

The doctors explained why it is dangerous not to sleep at night.

Недосипання може призвести до серйозної хвороби

The vast majority of young and middle-aged people call themselves “owls”, and therefore go to bed late at night. But most often they have to get up early in the morning, after the working day has not been canceled, reports Rus.Media.

Thus, people are constantly in for long years, not getting enough sleep, but scientists argue that even one sleepless night is enough to lose your health and go to several groups at risk of serious diseases.

What happens to a person who regularly sleep deprived?

– becomes sluggish;

– reduced working capacity;

– increased appetite and gain weight;

– deteriorating mood and people or overly annoyed, or he doesn’t care what happens around him;

– sits vision.

Scientists have discovered a new side effect of lack of sleep

In that moment, when a person sleeps, his body works, in particular it reduces the level of protein beta-amyloid in the brain, high concentration of which leads to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

It turns out that when people go to bed after midnight and wakes up at 5-6 in the morning, her body does not have time to perform all of its functions and the level of harmful amillea protein is increasing every day.

Scientists believe that each sleepless night is a step on the path to Alzheimer’s disease, so people who are prone to this ailment should be extremely careful.

Remember and follow only one rule – you have to sleep to sleep no later than 22:00 and Wake up no earlier than 7 hours. Before bed you should take a bath/shower and airing your bedroom. Then the above health problems will not appear.

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