In Ukraine put up for sale exclusive “roach Tavria”

It is well known that there is a “humpback Zaporozhets”. But it is unlikely you will ever even suspect about the existence of “Brokeback Tavria”.

В Україні виставили на продаж ексклюзивну «горбату Таврію»

“Brokeback Tavria” indeed there is, however, in this form, ZAZ never let her out. At the same time, it is made in Zaporozhye, where they are sold. Hooked under the hood “Tavria” hides a 2.8-liter engine, which allows to consider the data instance charged the Ukrainian hatchback.

Unfortunately, the performance of the car is unknown. However, and without their guidance it is possible to imagine what can be ZAZ. In addition to the convex cover hood for sale “Tavria” stands a giant wheel with the least impressive cut arches. Rear – dual exhaust.

As stated in the announcement of the sale on the website the car is sold for $ 5,000.

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