Fashion rules that you never violate the French

Who better to tell us about the style of French women than themselves? We offer you a few women’s secrets firsthand.

Модні правила, які ніколи не порушують француженки

French women would never wear sky-high heels, reports Rus.Media.

“You will never see a Frenchwoman in a Shoe like Lady Gaga! Because high heels and French – are incompatible” – Labrona Ponton, founder of the blog the Blab.

French women never wear bras with pushpam.

“French women are unlikely to wear bras with pushpam. We believe that small breast is too sexy. Thank you, Charlotte Gainsbourg,” the Aurelia, founder of the website Absolutely Glamorous.

French women would never wear clothes thrown in the eyes of brand names.

“The French strongly sidestep outfits and accessories with the “screaming” brand names. Because luxury is and not whose clothes you wear”, is the founder of the blog the World of Tokyobanhbao.

French women never wear too much jewelry.

“French women never wear more than three jewelry in a single image. Otherwise the image will look “overloaded”. Generally, as a rule, the French don’t wear jewelry,” Audrey Rogers, editor of the blog Be Frassy.

French girls will never dress up too bright.

“If a French woman wears a chic outfit, she does low-key makeup. And Vice versa – basic jeans and tops always look better paired with red lipstick. French women don’t like to brag, they really love simplicity,” Tiphaine Augusto, editor of the blog Cuillre Absinthe.

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