Enemies of the skin, which we do not suspect

What causes the most skin damage?

Вороги шкіри, про яких ми не підозрюємо

The sun’s rays, toxic ingredients in cosmetics, bad habits … All of them, but not only. Bacteria is another enemy that haunts us almost every step, informs Rus.Media.

Triscone rule

A lot of people remember this rule when you drop food. It is that bacteria and germs crawl for food, if the contact between them lasts for more than three seconds.

Good to remember this rule, and when we let on the floor makeup brush, lipstick, face towel. Keep in mind that sometimes it takes a few seconds to cause damage to the skin, with which we will struggle for a long time.

Be careful with towels for the face

According to some dermatologists, towels contain more bacteria and germs than computer keyboards and toilet. Naturally, in moist tissues of these organisms propagate very quickly. To avoid such situations it is necessary to change face towel every day or use disposable wipes to minimize the risk of skin irritation, redness and infections. In addition, it is recommended to store towels for the face and body separately.


Any bacteria unobtrusive accumulate on the pillowcase. Culprits are sweat, night creams and lotions, dead skin cells, which affects our face all night. To reduce the risk of dermatological risk to a minimum, often change your pillowcase every 2-3 days) and do not use softeners and condtioner, which further irritate the skin. Most try to sleep on their backs – this tactic, in addition to protect against bacterial, stops the development of wrinkles and prevents swelling.

Excessive hygiene

It’s true that the dirt accumulates on the face throughout the day, but that doesn’t mean you have to use cosmetics 4-5 times a day. The best option is to clean the face twice a day (morning and evening). Otherwise, the skin loses its protective barrier and becomes more susceptible to germs and bacteria.


These devices are now an integral part of our daily lives, but their versatility makes them a breeding ground for bacteria. According to a study on 1 m surface of the smartphone, there are more than 30 thousand bacteria, and millions of pests to converge on the surface of the phone. Heat increases the negative impact, and touching the face several times a day leads to an increase in dermatologic problems. The solution is simple – smart phones often have to wipe with antibacterial wipes.


They also represent a danger for sensitive skin, as they are in close proximity to the delicate eye area. Risks consist of dead cells, grease and dirt that accumulate inside. Also use them anti-bacterial wipes.

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