Elon Musk will radically change the work of Tesla

American manufacturer of electric Tesla plans a reorganization of its work.

Ілон Маск кардинально змінить роботу Tesla

The shareholders of the company have informed its founder Elon Musk in a special letter. The businessman also said the reorganization will make the Tesla more confident in the future development, reports Rus.Media.

Letter to Elon musk indicates that with the reorganization will improve the management structure of the Tesla. In addition, the company will have a more effective interaction of departments, some of the features which will reasonably combine, and activity, does not promise success, will be addressed.

Mass-media repeatedly informed that Tesla difficulties associated with the production of the electric car Model 3. The launch of the much delayed, the pipeline always has the disadvantage. Unprofitable activity of the company, and rumor has it that before the end of the year, Tesla will go bankrupt.

Ілон Маск кардинально змінить роботу Tesla

Because of the problems with Tesla over the past few months took six top managers. Model 3 was to become the first mass model of the manufacturer, however, the existing rate of production is insufficient for mass. Elon Musk says that the problems are solved, and hires new staff.

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