Detox diet – what it is, how to apply at home? We clean the body

There are special programs that are confirmed by doctors and is aimed at cleansing the body. Detox diet is affordable for many and it can be used without the supervision of specialists. There are certain rules in this methodology that are important to know, otherwise the result will be.

Детокс дієта - що це таке, як застосовувати в домашніх умовах? Чистимо організм

What is detox?

An efficient food system, based on the systematic use of fortified and healthy products – detox. It is used for cleaning of toxins and other toxic substances that adversely affect health. Detox the body and is recommended to people with overweight, residents of large cities and industrial workers. Contraindications: problems with the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes, chronic diseases, heart problems, pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Detox diet for weight loss

So that the cleaning was successful and took place without problems, it is necessary to follow some rules.

  • For a start it is recommended to prepare the body and do it for a month. It is important to abandon fatty and fried, and the maximum to reduce the amount of consumption of fish and meat. Every morning drink 1 cups of water.
  • Consume detox drinks for weight loss and yogurt to minimize the risk of damage to the intestinal mucosa and restore a healthy microflora.
  • Not should drink juices and smoothies. Between these drinks should be a break.
  • If the detox has any pain, and the condition, then it is better to stop the diet and return to a normal diet.
  • Keep in mind that detox diet for weight loss may be accompanied by various side effects, such as fatigue, irregular mood, dizziness, insomnia, rashes, and even cold. After a time the unpleasant symptoms will take place when the body is cleared.
  • To enhance the effect, it is recommended to arrange yourself every day for a massage, which you can do yourself, using a brush with natural bristles. It will contribute to a quick and easy elimination of toxins.
  • When will detox diet, you need to get out of it. To return to a normal diet should be gradually and first, add more vegetables, and a week in small quantities, eat food of animal origin, but it must be low-fat. It is better to boil or simmer. You should go to the proper fractional power in small portions.
  • It is important to note that when cleansing from the body are washed away not only toxic substances, but useful components, and therefore do not get involved in detox. It is better to apply the technique twice a year. The most suitable time to detoxify is the beginning weight and the fall.

Americans were suggested detox diet 7 days menu, which looks like this:

  • Monday. On the first day, you must drink liquid, and to a large extent: tea, water, juices, detox cocktails.
  • Tuesday. Add the fruit, soft, rich in fiber, such as bananas, mangoes, peaches, plums and so on.
  • Environment. Fruits and drinks add raw green vegetables, greens and salads.
  • Thursday. The next day detox diet add rice and cooked vegetables such as broccoli and carrots.
  • Friday. It has formed menu add nuts.
  • Saturday. This day should be included in the diet of cereal and yogurt.
  • Sunday. On the last day of the diet, add a fish.

Detox products

Детокс дієта - що це таке, як застосовувати в домашніх умовах? Чистимо організм

Before you start to use the methods of cleaning should be aware of permitted and prohibited products. Don’t worry, detox recipes are easy and the food turns out not only useful, but also delicious. To cleanse the body with healthy cereals, seasonal vegetables, Wheatgrass, fruits and various natural drinks with herbs. We should also highlight broccoli, beets, carrots, asparagus, sea Kale, apples and bananas. Detox prohibits pastries, sweet, black tea, coffee, alcohol, and foods with animal fat.

Detox drinks

The simplest drink that helps clean – detox-water. No difficulty in its preparation does not occur, you just need non-carbonated and purified water add chopped or turned into mashed vegetables, fruits or herbs. Detox body cleansing can be carried out by drinking every day for 2 liters of water with strawberries and kiwi, cucumber and mint, lemon, watermelon, Apple and cinnamon, strawberries and grapefruit, and so on.

Detox cocktails

Детокс дієта - що це таке, як застосовувати в домашніх умовах? Чистимо організм

The band are popular as a regular drink but if you drink them for a few days according to the rules, you can have an effective cleaning. Cocktails help you to cope with hunger, give energy and provide vitamins and other nutrients. Detox smoothies you should drink at least twice a day, and the first portion of best taken on an empty stomach. Shakes are an excellent addition to a healthy diet. A detox diet allows for the use of ingredients for smoothies:

1. To carry out cleaning of the intestine, it is recommended to choose green vegetables, apples and lemon. If you want to lose weight and get faster results, then add to a smoothie, a bit of ginger or Cayenne pepper.
2. Detox for weight loss is based on the use of citrus smoothie with orange, grapefruit and lemon. You can also use the pineapple, mint, cranberries and celery. In order to increase the amount of smoothies will fit the cucumbers, and for breeding take green tea.
3. For liver cleansing you should make cocktails of cucumber, cabbage, carrots and beets. To boost the effects of the drinks include in the composition of pharmacy dandelion and milk Thistle. As for fruits, a liver cleanse handle lemons and apples. In small quantities allowed ginger.
4. The best helpers for cleaning of the kidneys and urinary tract – different types of greenery: dill, parsley root, nettles, lemon balm and spinach. Add them to green tea, and to flavor put a few cranberries.

Detox juices

Детокс дієта - що це таке, як застосовувати в домашніх умовах? Чистимо організм
1. Healthy and tasty are juices of vegetables and fruits, which are faster and more gently affect the digestive system, increase the speed of cleaning the body and tissue repair. Decided to detox at home, then consider the following rules:

2. Beginners are recommended to start with unloading at the juices and only through time, to do the detox for 3-5 days.
3. Detox drinks can be drunk in unlimited quantities, or 250 ml 5 times a day. In addition, you can drink herbal tea and water.

Important rule – before drinking be sure to strain the juice through a sieve to exclude whole pieces of fruit, because once in the stomach, they can trigger famine.

Detox tea

Детокс дієта - що це таке, як застосовувати в домашніх умовах? Чистимо організм
For cleaning better to drink green tea, but to make it a detox drink, should be added to the kettle during brewing these herbs: lemongrass, dandelion, peppermint, Echinacea, Jasmine, juniper, milk Thistle and other useful plants. Very useful ginger, which inhibits oxidative processes in the liver, which makes the cleaning effect more expressive. To drink detox tea for weight loss and cleanse the body after waking up or before going to bed. The maximum number is 3-4 cups during the day. Choose the grass on their properties and the desired taste.

Material suitable for morning tea, have to help increase metabolism, decrease appetite, and to give a boost of energy.
For evening tea detox diet pick part to increased nocturnal excretion of toxins, increased rate of removal of cells and saved from insomnia.

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