Delicious cake “Zebra” – a simple recipe for a delicious cake !

This is the easiest recipe of delicious cake “Zebra”, which is easy to cook.

Смачний торт "Зебра" - найпростіший рецепт смачного торта !


Sugar – 360 g, reports Rus.Media.

Eggs – 6 pieces.

Butter – 100 g

Sour cream – 200 g

Wheat flour – 250 g

Baking powder – 1 teaspoon.

Cocoa powder – 2 tablespoons.

Soda on the tip of a knife.

Walnuts – 70 g

Смачний торт "Зебра" - найпростіший рецепт смачного торта !


1. Softened butter RUB with half of sugar (180 grams). In another bowl, drive egg, add the remaining sugar (180 g) and lightly beat the mixture with a whisk or with a mixer. To the oil mixture add the egg mixture and mix well. In sour cream to put soda and baking powder. Mix well.

2. Sour cream add to the butter-egg mixture and stir. To introduce into the mixture the sifted flour, add chopped nuts and mix well again.

3. Divide the dough into 2 equal parts.

4. In one portion of the dough add cocoa, sifted through a fine sieve and stir.

Смачний торт "Зебра" - найпростіший рецепт смачного торта !

5. The form for baking grease oil and sprinkle flour or breadcrumbs (you can vystelit form parchment). In the center of the form put 2 tablespoons light test. In the center of the bright test pour 2 tablespoons dark test. Thus, alternating layers, put all the dough.

6. Pie bake 45-60 minutes in preheated to 170-180 degree oven.

Смачний торт "Зебра" - найпростіший рецепт смачного торта !

7. If the cake is heavily reddened, but the inside is not cooked yet, cover the pie with foil and bring to readiness.

8. The finished cake remove from the oven, cool slightly and gently remove from the mold.

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