Current hot spring deprives us forests

In the trees of the forests of settled parasites,which “pull” the juice out of them and the tree just dries up.

Нинішня спекотна весна позбавляє нас лісів

Natural biological weapon destroys the pine forests of Ukraine. The scale is staggering, in recent years, these beetles have lost hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest.

Parasites dwell under the bark of pine and “pull” from her juices and the tree just dries up. All because of global warming, say the entomologists, according to a story Rus.Media.

Ukrainian pine forests dotted with yellow-red areas. They come in different shapes and squares, the trees are there as if someone had roasted. Among the green of the pine trees there are whole Islands of pine trees naked and dried. The most affected forests of Volyn and Zhytomyr. Attack of bark beetles such unrestrained, that make walking audit is simply unrealistic.

In Khmelnytskyi forestry dead pine trees for thousands of acres. “This can be called a massive failure. The growth of this pest, they are not observed for weeks or months, the situation is changing every day,” – says the engineer of forestry of the SE “Slavutsky forestry” Alexander Veremey.

Current hot spring has deprived the foresters of rest. They are simply stunned by the onslaught of bark beetles, especially the pace of their reproduction.

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