Congratulations on the Ascension of the Lord in verse

The ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven, completing his earthly Ministry, is one of the most remarkable events in sacred history and noted a private celebration. This event is celebrated always after Easter on the fortieth day.

Привітання з  Вознесінням Господнім у віршах


Holiday came to us today
The Ascension Of The Lord.
Angels sing from heaven —
It is necessary to expect miracles.

And bells ringing:
Be happy always.
Of grace on earth,
Peace, joy in the family!


Today Ascension.
A big religious holiday has come.
I wish you good health,
Always be full of zeal and energy.

Let the sky you protects from harm,
As the Son of God of love will reward.
So you live easily, succeeding,
Without troubles, worries and resentments.

Let the soul be cleansed today
That’s all resentment, anger and sadness.
I wish the Ascension of the Lord,
To have lived long and you prospered.


With The Ascension Of The Lord
I congratulate you
Peace in your heart and kindness
In the bright day, I wish.

May the Lord give you strength,
Strengthens the spirit.
The light of love and faith
To the hearts is not diminished.


The Ascension Of The Lord
We grant the heavens,
Hope is being reborn
In our souls and hearts.

Let them bear the blessing
In this day of heavenly light,
Let the city of sin our forgiveness
Will save from evil and troubles.

In light holiday I wish you all
Faith in heart to keep,
Holy heaven
To live a happy life.


Today is a bright holiday —
The Lord’s Ascension.
Take, Orthodox,
You our congratulations.

So I wish you happiness, health
And joy endless,
Love and friendship true,
And life is serene!


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