Chocolate can get rid of disease

Named disease, which will help the chocolate.

Шоколад може позбавляти від хвороб

An international group of scientists found that eating chocolate reduces the risk of some heart disease, reports Rus.Media. We are talking about a moderate amount of sweet that is able to cure atrial fibrillation.

Experts from Denmark, USA and Canada compared the data of the survey 55 thousand Danes on their passion for chocolate and the history of their disease.

Named the main threat to fast food for humans

Took part in the experiment was to answer the question, how much chocolate they eat in a week. Later scholars have correlated these data with those diseases that were diagnosed among the respondents.

An unexpected illness, which is every second of us

It turned out that those who ate moderate amounts of chocolate are less likely to suffer from atrial fibrillation. The kind of sweetness I liked bitter or milk chocolate are equally reduce the risk of this widespread disease.

In the article the scientific journal Heart said that if women will be each week there is 30 grams of chocolate, the risk of disease will decrease by 21%. But men should increase sweet dose of 90 grams.

Despite the optimistic results of the study, the scientists noted that excessive consumption of chocolate will have the opposite effect. Especially for such a sweet tooth, they came up with an effective way of getting rid of chocolate addiction.

In their opinion, enough to get rid of obsessive thoughts about sweets: for example, once a person begins to crave a piece of sweet, you need to think of a serene forest or to imagine yourself on the beach.

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