Champion in bodybuilding: I would never meet a bodybuilder (photos)

Polina Kazakova sure that complete privacy is impossible to combine with exercise.

Чемпіонка з бодибілдингу: Я б ніколи не стала зустрічатися з бодибілдером (фото)

Bodybuilding in Ukraine is no longer something new and amazing. Probably each of the men at least once, but tried to bulk up for summer, or try to achieve the desired pack abs. At the same time, women’s bodybuilding still causes many questions and disputes. Someone terrified form of athletes, and who applauds her, reports Rus.Media.

All the subtleties of women’s bodybuilding told twice champion of Ukraine UBPF and European champion WBPF Pauline Kozakov. About the attitude towards female bodybuilders, male attention and pharmaceutical support.

– How long have you been bodybuilding? How came it?

– That I worked recently – 5 years. I used to play tennis, then came fitness.

I’ve always been a connoisseur of beautiful athletic body. Then decided “to pump up the press to fly”. I’m very persistent and assertive, if you undertake some thing, I always do it with maximum efficiency and try to achieve the best results. In the end disappoint in General, all parts of the body and was so fascinated that I wanted to Refine the shape more and more. After that, it became clear that I could try and speak. Prepared, delivered, and once received a prize, and from then on it never slipped, not to prepare for the next season. How then told my first coach: “You understand that this is a one-way ticket?” Now I understand – he was right, I found myself in this sport, working in the field of training and nutrition was my true calling 100%. I’m a fan of his work, his sports – I know, for me it is a lifestyle and part of life, and Hobbies, and work.

Чемпіонка з бодибілдингу: Я б ніколи не стала зустрічатися з бодибілдером (фото)

Where did the desire to be different?

– I wanted to be like everyone else, I like it. But body-building is a great opportunity to not be like everyone else.

For you the most important thing in bodybuilding: strength or beauty?

– Of course, the main thing for me is the aesthetics and culture of the body. But the force is an integral part of bodybuilding. Strength is the path to achievement and improvement of form, but of course, the main goal of this sport is the beauty of the body.

– Do you have in the sport to whom you want to be?

– I can’t say that I want someone to look up to, but for example, I really like the figure of Larissa rice – for me it’s the ideal of female sports figures “every day”, and really admire the talent, tenacity and competitive form of Oksana Grishina – she is a great athlete, it is of great respect.

Female bodybuilding is a beauty contest or a sport?

Is the sport. Definitely. Because there is nothing with vanilla and pathetic, there is nothing histrionic and fictional, here everything is very hard work, a test of character and willpower for strength. I’m not talking about injury, without which no one sports.

Sitting at the judges ‘ table and seeing on the stage before a decent athlete, I see hard work, willpower, patience, the desire to achieve the goal, you see those hardships that they went to see shutter speed, then I notice the entourage of make up and a swimsuit, swimming trunks or shorts. In the contest of beauty shows only the external scenery: successfully applied cosmetics, beautiful dresses and shoes, it is external data, given by nature, any good girl can enter a beauty contest because she has a pretty face.

Чемпіонка з бодибілдингу: Я б ніколи не стала зустрічатися з бодибілдером (фото)

– How popular female bodybuilding in Ukraine?

Is quite popular and is developing rapidly. Nice to see that with each season, increasing the level of quality of training, more and more worthy athletes, more and more newcomers coming. Of course, not all work for the sake of the sport because not everyone can be an “athlete” – many people simply do not understand the essence and want for once to be on stage, I think it’s very easy and accessible, well, well…

Is an American female bodybuilding from our own?

– If to speak simply – the first relation to sports athletes and people. There both athletes and fans another look at this sport. There is erected in a cult. American athletes use even the slightest chance to improve the shape to improve, there is a serious approach. But then there’s the fact that there is bodybuilding for many decades is the norm, the usual sport, and we do it all in wonder.

Чемпіонка з бодибілдингу: Я б ніколи не стала зустрічатися з бодибілдером (фото)

– How did your bodybuilding classes in your personal life?

– Honestly, absolutely nothing. I never was a misunderstanding on the part of a loved one. I have always felt the support, patience and assistance.

And I’m sure that if tomorrow, for example, reported that they decided to urgently prepare – he will respect my wish, support me, help needed. And will be genuinely rooting for me and proud. His understanding, support, experience and concern is 50% of what helps to achieve success. Even despite the fact that he knows which demon I can be during these weeks, he still respect my business.

But still, in my opinion, a full personal life is impossible in regular workshops before the competition.

Personally I love and harmonious relations will always win at sports. Those who think otherwise – and bring the sport above all else – poor people, because in life there is nothing more important than family and friends.

Men have begun to pay more or less attention?

– I have never suffered from lack of attention, but is forced to admit that, of course, after serious training and acquisition of professional attention was much more. Who doesn’t like someone enjoys body, someone who admires how much work and effort on this guys colleagues in the Federation are treated with respect. In General, no one is indifferent, that’s for sure.

Чемпіонка з бодибілдингу: Я б ніколи не стала зустрічатися з бодибілдером (фото)

– If you could meet person far from sports?

– Playing sports for me is not the main criterion in choosing a mate, it’s only an additional common interests.

But I can tell you – with a bodybuilder wouldn’t want to go. Respect, as colleagues, as friends, but the two bodybuilders in the same area is a lot.

– Tell me about your family. Why did you decide to leave Ukraine? I know that you now live in the Canary Islands.

– Mother in his youth was engaged in sports gymnastics, but was forced to stop due to a serious spinal injury. She has worked for many years in the restaurant business. She is now the event Manager at the entertainment complex arena. But this does not prevent her to be an enthusiastic fan of a healthy lifestyle, exercise and proper nutrition. Regularly training with my dear coach Sergei Stuffiness, diet, is to work sudochki food, eating by the clock.

Father, alas, died a few years ago.

Even my grandma is also fan of healthy lifestyle, holding consultations I have it in the house to exercise and what to eat better.

Decided to move because a few years ago, fell in love with the island Paradise of Tenerife. This place won me over forever. 3 years ago I set a goal and confidently walked over to her, but did not expect that in the end, circumstances will develop so that to carry out the move will be literally within a couple of months. Fate, I guess. I think, after all, home is not where the person was born, and where he is well and comfortable, where he feels happy and where there are prospects for the future. For me now it’s Tenerife. Well, and that there is a completely different level of life and I will be able to give their children a stable and bright future, I think you can not say it’s obvious.

– You judge, tell me how objective can be judging in bodybuilding? Are bought victory?

– Of course, can be objective. Let the athletes make a decent form and they will be well-deserved victory.

Usually judging the unhappy ones who form close and not pulled to win. Don’t know, can be and are bought victories and places I’ve never seen this before.

Personally, I have one more “judge dread”, of course with many guys from the Federation, I have friendships, I am well to treat them, but when I’m sitting at the table, and they stand on the stage – the only thing that affects my assessment – the quality of form , proportions, behavior on stage, posing and all other evaluation criteria. It’s nothing personal.

Чемпіонка з бодибілдингу: Я б ніколи не стала зустрічатися з бодибілдером (фото)

And as a certified nutritionist tell me farmpak in women’s bodybuilding? Did you on any medications?

Sure, there is. Every man determines that he is ready for the result. In any sport there is doping and it is known.

But no, even the strong doping will not help if you do not follow the diet not be properly selected training program. You can eat a lot of ass, do strenuous exercise, but if there is no right diet and post-workout are absorbed by the chocolate, not complex carbohydrates and protein will not help anything.

No, I never resorted to farmpak. Crystal clear fanatical diet, properly fitted sports supplements – it’s all true, without this in any way. I have enough of this, must be lucky with genetics, in addition train hard, keep diet.

– What do you think, is it possible to become a champion in this sport, as bodybuilding without using steroids?

– Certainly true, but it depends on what category. Human performance is great, but not unlimited.

Bikini, sports model, athletic physicist women, mens-physicist. Serious muscle categories, both female and male – of course not.

– Tell about plans for the future, you’ll still be where you can be seen?

Yes, I certainly will. I’m not going to retire and leave the stage, but still needed to focus on the move, building a life in a new place, to spend more time with loved ones and relax a bit.

In the near future I plan to prepare and act.

Where you can see, well, I think max is the Cup of Ukraine in the spring of 2018, and then the European Championships 2018. While it is possible that in November I’ll smile at you from the stage…

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