Birth trinoga girls shocked doctors in India

In the small town of Jangaon in Eastern India, was born an unusual child. The girl was born with a fully formed third leg, which was in the groin area.

Народження триногої дівчинки потрясло лікарів в Індії

Upon reaching seven months, the parents took the child to the hospital. The operation lasted three hours, during which the extra leg was successfully removed. The doctors promised that the baby will recover completely.

The reason for this unusual event has become a rare phenomenon “twin parasite”, which can be found once every 100 thousand years. In connection with this disease, the fetus of one twin absorbs the other, which is less developed. In the end, the body of the twin-parasite merges with a strong.

Now the girl’s life is not in danger and she would live like normal children.

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