Become a rock star: Alla Pugacheva dramatically changed the image

Legendary Russian singer Alla Pugacheva decided to experiment with their image and decided to take a sudden step.

Стала рок-зіркою: Алла Пугачова кардинально змінила імідж

In the experiment of singer Alla Pugacheva talked her stylist, designer Alisher. At his request, Diva reincarnated as a rock star, and even starred in such a manner in a new music video

About the experiment designer wrote on his page in Instagram. Alisher has published a short video from the shoot and thanked Pugachova for the fact that she, despite her advanced age, “lit with him and his team”, reports Rus.Media.

“I dreamed since childhood about it, and sometimes dreams come true! I can’t Express my gratitude in that volume, which deserve this Great Woman, Alla”! …If not for Allah, nothing would have happened, or rather, it would be, but not like in a dream, and I don’t want to Wake up. Thank You, Alla, for emotion, for his kindness of soul, openness, and faith! Infinitely love You, and I am happy that you supported me and made really cool clip about our difficult life,” — wrote the stylist.

What song was shot clip, and when to wait for the premiere, is still unknown.

Followers were delighted with this unexpected news. “Alla is such a rocker!”, “You turned out perfectly! It all came together: music, words, artist and video! Well done!”, “Oh, and where can we hear? Interesting thing!” “Alla beauty and the big fellow! Guys like you are all lucky to participate and be there! Just super!”, “Alisher, You have a beautiful voice, a pleasure,” said the experiment’s fans.

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