Ascension day 2017: what not to do in this day

In 2017 the Rapture Will take place may 25. In this day people attend Church services, during which priests serve in the white vestments.

Вознесіння Господнє 2017: що не можна робити в цей день

This holiday is connected with the fact that after earthly death of Jesus Christ 40 days in human form with his disciples, giving them instruction and blessing. Then he went to Heaven, promising to return to Earth.

The ascension: what not to do in this day

Not to do the housework and other work. This day should be spent in the quiet family circle.
In Ascension you need to follow in the soul peace and quiet. Try not to quarrel with loved ones.
This day can not pronounce the phrase “Christ is Risen” because of the ascension of the temples endure Shroud.
In Ascension you can’t think about the bad. Instead, I advise you to remember deceased relatives.
In the old days it was forbidden to spit and throw garbage on the street as “it is possible to get into Christ, who comes to the house under the guise of the poor”

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