Anyone who thinks life is passing him

Around us reigns a magic that is impossible to outwit or control. We just have to accept it, to take a little break and let it go at that.

Кожному, хто вважає, що життя проходить повз нього

To act, you don’t need more motivation or inspiration. We all read these articles on the Internet, but we are forced to act, they are not, and the random spark that erupts unexpectedly in our consciousness, reports Rus.Media.

Want to know what no one ever says, when it comes to success, motivation, willpower, goals, and performance of those trendy buzzwords? That you are you, and so it will be as long as you don’t change. And you change only when they want it. You transform your ideas when it’s time. It always happens.

I think that we need permission to be wherever the hell we are.

You’re not a robot. You can’t create motivation if you do not. Every one of us sometimes something can happen. And sometimes it happens to us life. Life! Remember, what is it? Yes, it teaches us all, forcing us to go the long way to study most important life lessons.

You can’t control everything. So, it is possible to Wake up every day at 5 am, but sooner or later you start to fall down from exhaustion. And if the words, pictures or ideas not come to you, then wait for them useless. You can have the best of intentions and desires, but if the wrong time, it is simply wrong and that’s it. So allow yourself to be human.

It is just not the time. Allow yourself to be human.

Sometimes a book doesn’t have just because the author has not yet come the inspiration for her main character. Sometimes, it could take another two years before you turn your work in something real and valuable to mankind. For example, some people never fall in love, because you can only find yourself in solitude.

We all know that feelings are not always amenable to control. Nevertheless, our actions are not based on this truth. We are trying hard to control everything that happens in our lives, find creative approach to win in the game or to find an easy way to success, and treat your emotions as if they are something simple and straightforward.

But not worth playing with how life works. You don’t have to control every aspect of your life only to never to be in a state of uncertainty and unpredictability. After all, it means to live: to show what you are right now.

That’s only one of us does. Every minute we are only thinking about improving its performance and read long lists of tips about how to eradicate their natural human desires and urges. We often forget that are the same as we are, until we switch. You can continue this idea to include healthy habits that can keep everything as it is, that’s the only time it’s impossible to outsmart.

Time is the one thing we forget to pay tribute to.

We remain ignorant as long as gain knowledge. Most of our unhappiness comes from the belief that our lives should be different. We are confident that in control of the situation, but because our obidi and self-hatred begins with self-imposed responsibilities to be able to control the circumstances: to be Bocage, better or happier.

And although independence is a very useful trait, but it often leads to disappointment and bitterness that none of us should keep to themselves. We should make every effort to ensure that we do, but then allow the inevitable to happen and not overreact to the possible results. Remember — very often, opportunities arise not where we are waiting for them.

In order to build the life of your dreams, you don’t need more motivation or inspiration. Just need to stop being ashamed of the idea that you are doing everything possible for that. Stop listening to people who are in completely different life circumstances and does not cease to repeat to you that your best isn’t good enough. You need to let it go. Learn from problems. You have to understand what is right now, becomes inspiration, and even who you are now, determines your personality.

Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to get where you can do whatever you want. Suppose you want something very much. So much so, that in attempting to descend too low. But how about to rest? Maybe it’s not your motivation, but the fact that you stubbornly continue to roll the boulder up the mountain, but with every effort he only grows in size?

Around us there is magic, which we do not understand. And it is impossible to outwit or control.

We should just accept it, make for a moment a break, stop torturing yourself and let it go at that. One day this moment will find you meaning. Believe it. Just allow yourself to believe.

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