A gray beard – devil in the head

The male gaze.

Сивина в бороду - біс в голову

Сивина в бороду - біс в голову

The secret of the popularity of Mr. Vacca is so ironically stupid that it can be explained, to paraphrase the well-known truth: gray beard – devil in the head. Typical playboy trying to be young…

And the video with the dancing “old man”-Daisy gained 5 million views in the first place because everyone thought: “my grandfather.” After all, the Internet video served with sauce “What can the elderly.” People thought that the “boy” that 60 years since, and even more. Here laykali it in all the cracks.

He was only 49. And I really hope at his age I look younger. But 60 just like Gianluca. And don’t think I’m jealous. Me – 38, and the 11 years age difference any more private jets, millions, and “heifers” on yachts.

I said, I have to go to the gym – press to swing.

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