7 tips for dealing with zapotlan Windows of the car

Temperature extremes, rain and snow can become the reasons for the occurrence of the fogging of the car Windows

7 порад для боротьби з запотіванням вікон автомобіля

Temperature extremes, rain and snow can become the reasons for the occurrence of the fogging of the car Windows.

One of the tenets of safe driving good visibility. This is especially true in the offseason and winter, when rain and darkness create a natural problems for the perception of the situation on the road. And at the same time, most often, motorists are faced with the problem of fogging.

The main reason for fogging of the Windows is the temperature difference. In a warmer salon condenseries moisture on the cold glass. Therefore, to deal with zapotlan possible, warming up the Windows and drying the air – often this happens at the same time.

Here we give you some simple tips on how to keep the Windows clear.

To correctly configure the climate system

At the first signs of fogging you need to choose the mode of ventilation Windows to direct the flow of air deflectors on the glass and slightly increase the temperature. If the car has air conditioning, then it needs to dry the air for a few minutes. Only you have to be sure that you disable the internal circulation. If the climate system does not cope with the warming and drying of air, you need to check the cabin filter – it can soak up too much moisture, and in wet weather time to dry out, or it’s just time to replace it.

Processing of glass with special tools

Protection from the cold. Review for winter automotive cosmetics

On the market there are many different Anticipative – liquids, aerosols, wipes. The principle in this cosmetics one modifies the properties of surface tension. Solutions create a thin film in which minute particles of water roll down, forming droplets that review, or, conversely, water remains on the glass, but there is a transparent layer. Apply to clean and dry the surface and repeat the procedure as necessary. You just need to find a drug that suits you by way of application, the smell and the result.

The problem of fogging emerged long enough, so the drivers had time to find a few options for finishing the Windows with the help of improvised means. One of the most popular – the application of a solution of 1 part glycerin and 10 parts of alcohol. If you only use glycerin, the glass will become greasy and the night would be a strong glare, impair visibility. Some suggest to wipe the Windows with Newspapers – in printer’s ink contains substances that create the same film as when using chemicals. Another tip is to RUB the Windows with tobacco from ordinary cigarettes.

7 порад для боротьби з запотіванням вікон автомобіля

Antiseptic film

A radical and durable solution to cover the glass with a special film, similar to that applied to optics, motorcycle helmets or commercial equipment. It is applied like tinting film and it is better to trust the professionals.

Remove excess moisture from the interior


In an extreme situation from fogging can save open Windows. But after airing it will be harder to restore the climatic balance.

Often in the winter and in wet weather inside the car ingested water or snow. When the interior begins to warm up, the liquid evaporates and settles on the cold Windows. To reduce this effect, you should remove excess moisture. Sometimes you need to clean up spills or ice, floor mats, and if water is already a lot, put under the feet of newspaper, and discard them when they are saturated. In the case when even a small rain in the cabin becomes wet, you need to check its tightness – vdisable sealer can be a source not only high humidity but also premature corrosion. No need to keep the shop rags that wipe a wet surface – put them in the trunk or under the hood. Reduces the humidity, salt in a paper bag, which can be put on the back seat. The effect is better if the packaging was dried in the heat.

Not to talk

The source of the moisture very often there are people that are inside. The air that they exhale is much warmer than ambient and is saturated with moisture, so when you travel with a bunch driver and then need to reconfigure the climate in the cabin. If equipment fails, you can ask passengers just a short while silent, for their own safety.

To check the ventilation of the salon

Rare case, but sometimes it is. After the body repair broken behind the car special vents can be incorporated. In this case, calculated by the engineers of the air circulation occurs. Another version of the same problem – excessive number of things in the cabin and the trunk. Solution – do some throughput testing of ducts, after analyzing their location according to the instructions. This problem can be attributed to clogged drain system with air conditioning. Standing water just blows out into the cabin, and the situation can be corrected by a simple cleaning.

7 порад для боротьби з запотіванням вікон автомобіля

If the car Windows are sweating for no objective reason, it may indicate a malfunction in the cooling system of the engine. Pairs that were formed from overheating fall through the ventilation system inside the cabin. In this case, better to turn to professionals.

One of the most popular reasons for fogging of the Windows is the consumption of alcoholic beverages by passengers before travelling. Vidauban alcohol, due to its hygroscopic properties, further absorb moisture from the body, and it settles on the Windows. This explains the increased interest of the police to such vehicles. To deal with such zapotlan you conventional ways, but it is better to encourage passengers not to abuse before the trip.

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