10 top models of the twentieth century: what happened to them today

Unlike modern models, their names known throughout the world.

10 топ-моделей ХХ століття: що з ними сталося сьогодні

For the title of top model in the last century, the two girls had to go thousands of kilometers on the catwalk and participate in numerous castings in the agencies. But they knew the names of the whole world. Do you know the current stars of the catwalk? Today, they are quickly lit and quickly succeed one another, reports Rus.Media.

Let’s see what happened with the famous top models of the past and send them to thank them for the future, as they say.

10 топ-моделей ХХ століття: що з ними сталося сьогодні

Claudia Schiffer

Let’s start with the most famous, Claudia Schiffer. Claudia Schiffer is one of the highest paid models of the past. Her body in the era of 90s was considered standard: height — 180 cm, weight — 58 kg, chest — 95 cm waist — 62 cm hips — 92 cm For the notorious 90-60-90 say thank you Claudia. During his career, the famous German has been on the cover of gloss over 900 times, and this record has managed to surpass anyone.

Today, Claudia Schiffer 47 years and it still looks great. Their beauty secret’s top model calls a mix of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

10 топ-моделей ХХ століття: що з ними сталося сьогодні

Cindy Crawford

The figure of Cindy Crawford too is considered a benchmark because the complex videotraining from supermodels were sold worldwide in millions of copies. And still she was second after Claudia Schiffer.

Cindy is 52 years old but her figure is the same slim and fit, like 20 years ago. The secret is regular exercise, a balanced diet and optimistic Outlook on life.

10 топ-моделей ХХ століття: що з ними сталося сьогодні

Linda Evangelista

Unique appearance became the main trump card Linda Evangelista. Top model began her career on the fashion runway in the early 80-ies and very quickly became one of the most popular girls in the profession. Green almond-shaped eyes, aquiline nose and endlessly long legs immediately won the hearts of the world’s fashion designers.

Today, the once-perfect face Linda in the past. And it’s not the age, but in the craze for plastic surgery and injections.

10 топ-моделей ХХ століття: що з ними сталося сьогодні

Kate Moss

In the early 90s, Claudia, Cindy and Lindy had to move — the fashion world has a new star. Kate moss — supermodel, style icon and a symbol of British chic. She was accused of anorexia, addiction to alcohol and drugs, but this did not prevent the girl to sign multimillion-dollar contracts with the monsters of the industry and regularly appear on the covers of glossy magazines.

Today Kate, 44, has been criticized for its unkempt look and a dismissive attitude. But I think moss do not care for criticism, she is quite happy with his appearance.

10 топ-моделей ХХ століття: що з ними сталося сьогодні

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell became the first black model to appear on the cover of Time magazine and French and British Vogue. By the way, the nickname of the Black Panther gave her not for skin color, and for good plasticity and cat’s manner of walking on the catwalk.

Despite his turbulent personal life and the controversial nature of today Naomi is still good, as in the 90s. hair Issues are not considered, the last few years, Black Panther wears wigs as their hair model ruined constricting hairstyles.

10 топ-моделей ХХ століття: що з ними сталося сьогодні

Christie Brinkley

Fashion designer, actress, photographer, singer and even a writer — it’s all about Christie Brinkley. But first and foremost, Christie is known after all as the famous American top model, whose career began in the 80-ies of the last century.

Rumor has it that Brinkley found the elixir of youth (or sold his soul to the devil), for in his 64 years, it looks twice younger. And yet the whole world wonders how she did it, Christie denies any interference in his appearance, claiming that the secret of her youth and beauty — vegetarianism.

10 топ-моделей ХХ століття: що з ними сталося сьогодні

Janice Dickinson

First Janice Dickinson won the European catwalks, and only in the early ‘ 80s, she returned to new York, where he became one of the most popular models on the market.

Janice led a wild lifestyle instead of food preferred cocaine, but at first it did not prevent it from being a real beauty. Then there was the “Model school witch Janice,” and then… the endless plastic, which led to the result that we see today.

10 топ-моделей ХХ століття: що з ними сталося сьогодні


Twiggy was the face of London in the 60s, but, despite huge success, she decided to complete a modeling career in the Prime of life.

Today Leslie Hornby (real name Twiggy) 68 years old and she, of course, difficult to know the fragile girl with big eyes and long eyelashes. The former model looks harmonious and well-groomed and not trying to fight age-related changes.

10 топ-моделей ХХ століття: що з ними сталося сьогодні

Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni tried himself in different guises: in the early 90’s- successful supermodel in zero singer with four albums in 2008 — the first lady of France. High cheekbones, a perfect oval face, almond-shaped eyes — appearance of Carla was jealous of the millions of aspiring models.

But age does not spare even the most beautiful women. Deciding to rejuvenate, Carla did not the most successful plastic surgery. The result we all see.

10 топ-моделей ХХ століття: що з ними сталося сьогодні

Christy Turlington

Another star of the catwalks of supermodel Christy Turlington. On account of its more than 500 glossy magazines, millions of contracts with cosmetic brands and status as the successful face of Calvin Klein for the entire history of the brand.

Christy never got plastic surgery, did not use fillers and still says no Botox. She looks great and not worried about age.

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