Your body decides how much you need to sleep

Importantly,after a dream you felt cheerful.

Ваш організм вирішує скільки вам потрібно спати

How much sleep on average to feel pretty good and healthy? Experts in this field all in one voice told that you need to sleep at least eight hours a day. Some don’t care how much you need to sleep they do not sleep on time and sleep until they Wake up. Other every day, go and stand at the same time – they have a clear sleep schedule. On the one hand, it’s good – you know how much sleep your body to make sure to get enough sleep, you have sleep mode, which can shoot down in any case impossible. On the other – the fact of the matter is, when the schedule slips, then it is very difficult to bring your sleep back to normal, reports Rus.Media.

Nevertheless, people adapt to their sleep. Each of us knows how important sleep is in our lives. And no matter how much sleep you need, the main thing is that after sleep you feel rested and not sluggish and unfocused.

How much you need to sleep man

For anybody not a secret – at different ages, our body requires different duration. So, how much sleep the baby and the baby decides not father, and his body. Kids need to rest up to fifteen-seventeen hours in the supine position, while, as a pensioner will be quite six or seven hours strong not interrupted sleep.

By the way, it is essential that the sleep was calm and without any interruptions. Because if a person sleeps multiple times in a row, dramatically changing their position, it’s even worse effect on the body than the long-term insomnia.

Scientists from Harvard University came to the conclusion that half-hour – hour sleep in three views in a single day adverse effects on the human body. For the hours of sleep sleep is impossible. The most optimal time to sleep is considered the night time from ten to eleven at night until six or seven in the morning.

Sleep and youth: how much to sleep, to always be young?

I have to say that one dream is not enough in this case. To always stay young inside and out, to work, to relax a bit smaller, enough to sleep, but not to pour. In the winter, for example, the body takes a bit more sleep. So, in the cold season add to its usual sleepy mode and a half-two hours. In summer, the body requires less sleep, and will miss six hours. But remember that each organism has its own threshold. One’s enough for four hours, and the other eleven need to the morning to feel fresh.

What you need to pay attention before sleep and after sleep to maintain health and improve immunity?

The first thing to always pay attention to your thoughts. Thoughts are your guide to all wishes and dreams. Half an hour before bedtime, when you’re already lying in bed, focus on every part of your body. Imagine yourself forever young and healthy. Meditate.

Sports and yoga have become more popular than, say, fifteen years ago. Healthy to be in excellent physical shape is not only fashionable in modern society but also useful.

Fresh air. Fresh air not only will make you healthier and younger, but an evening walk before bedtime have a beneficial effect on your sleep and cheerfulness. Don’t be afraid of a cool autumn and even in Epiphany frosts. At least twenty minutes each evening leave the walls of your house, and you will sleep soundly and Wake up feeling energized for the whole day.

Power. Carefully watch your diet. It is not necessary to take food, especially heavy foods too close to bedtime. The most optimal time for dinner for four or five hours of sleep.

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