Whether you want women shaving bikini area

According to recent studies, women properly formulate the reasons for shaving.

Чи потрібно жінкам голити зону бікіні

Hair in the bikini area was sort of the norm in the 70s, but today it is unpopular, and some people think altogether indecent. The researchers decided to perform habits women to find out why things changed.

The study of the scientific journal JAMA Dermatology was attended by the group of 3 316 women aged 18 to 65 years. They asked questions about how often they do the bikini wax. As it turned out, 83.8% constantly monitor this issue, and only 16.2% had never had a shave in these places.

In addition, women in the age category of 18-24 are much more attention of hair in intimate places, than women from 45 to 55. Respondents aged 55 and does not usually think about such things.

It is noteworthy that for shaving bikini area are usually fair-skinned young women. This allowed the researchers to conclude that the ideals of beauty among members of different races differ.

Interestingly, on the question as to why they shave, 59% of women said they are doing it for reasons of hygiene.

“Many women feel neglected and dirty when I don’t shave,” said the head of the research group, Tami S. Rowen.

However, as it turned out, the hair in the intimate area have an important role – they serve to protect this area from diseases. Shave the protective cover may cause infiltration of bacteria. Moreover, the shaving process is quite traumatic – according to one study, 3 % of appeals to the emergency room with injuries of the pelvis are caused by shaving.

Another 45.5% of women said that shaving for aesthetic reasons. 55.6 % said that doing it for reasons of a sexual nature. But as it turned out, “to be smooth like Barbie” is not always in trend, says Dr. Iglesia, Professor of gynaecology and urology in the Medical school of Georgetown.

So at what point women decided that shaving is the way to become cleaner and sexier?

In the era of technology, the assertion that the media play a significant role in changes in social norms is undeniable. Study this role in 2013 found that women are stronger than men exposed to the pressure media in the field of beauty.

It turned out that the popularity of shaving the bikini zone is associated with the appropriate images in adult films, magazines and advertising.

According to the study of 2016, women who shave, have twice more partners and more sex than those who do not shave at all.

However, these data can be interpreted as a direct relationship between the shaving and the level of sexual activity. That is, do not think that if you do Brazilian wax of your life will become more sex.

Visiting doctors also encourage women to hair removal. This implies that women are concerned about the appearance of the bikini in all conditions, even in front of disinterested parties.

Thus, shaving the bikini area has certain advantages, however, from the point of view of hygiene, it is better not to abuse it. As stated by the gynecologist Dr. Gunther, it is better in this matter to consider your own comfort.

“It’s something you do for yourself, and if it helps you feel better, fine. But it is not necessary to convince yourself that you are doing this for reasons of health,” she says.

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