Where to try the cake as the wedding of Prince Harry: the Royal mystery

The last six months the whole Kingdom, and the whole world is literally living the future wedding of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle, which will take place may 19.

Де скуштувати торт, як на весіллі у принца Гаррі: розкрита королівська таємниця

And no 92-the birthday of Elizabeth II, or the birth of crown Prince Luis are unable to stop a little wedding fever. Correspondent for Breakfast with 1+1 Elena Flower back from London and first hand found out how the Brits prepare for the main event of the year. However, she admits: to learn even the smallest details, had to crank out a special operation, reports Rus.Media.

Keep your mouth shut — in fact, the condition of the contract, according to which organizers, florists, designers, bakers and everything working on the Royal wedding. However, as it turned out, though, and to organize the wedding for the Royal family is incredibly prestigious, but for the professionals it’s business as usual, except that you have to work “on steroids” due to the scale of the celebration.

1. Everything has to be precise as the big Ben.

Plan wedding day, the organizers are painted to second. For each tradition, the word, any step your time. Therefore, before the official ceremony, newlyweds will have to live the ceremonial part twice. And then do a walk-through again without them.

2. Dress.

Nothing should spoil the mood of the American bride. Neither the English weather, or a tiny spot, neither evil tongues. So for Megan to sew, at least two copies of the outfit for the wedding. And two copies of the dress for the evening reception. So say the experts.

Де скуштувати торт, як на весіллі у принца Гаррі: розкрита королівська таємниця

3. Flowers.

Johnny Roxburgh, the architect of the holidays (he’s a party maker of almost all celebrations of Prince Charles), says that the flowers for the wedding of Megan will choose personally. The celebration should be white roses and peony.

“Actually, one of the favorite flowers of the Royal family — eustoma. Bouquets of red roses are often bought in Kensington Palace and Windsor, in secret told to us Peter green. His company is working with the Queen for 15 years,” said Helen Flower.


Capture the Royal couple on the wedding day — the task is not just responsible. Each photo clearly has its time. Moreover, random shots do not happen. Who is in the photograph, in what position, at what location — every detail is determined in advance.

Elena Flower admitted that about it told her Hugo Burnand, wedding photographer, Prince William and Kate Middleton: “on the Eve of the wedding, he literally moved to Buckingham Palace for 3 days. To calculate all the details. And when the photoshoot took place, he remained still for a few minutes and the couple decided to improvise. And that’s what “extra” photo later became one of the most popular and beloved”.

Де скуштувати торт, як на весіллі у принца Гаррі: розкрита королівська таємниця

5. Cake.

The wedding feast will not be a traditional fruit cake, which for centuries treated the guests at such celebrations. Harry and Megan ordered a cake with lemon cakes soaked in a syrup of elderberry and buttercream from pastry chef Claire Ptak. Women have their own cafe in London.

More precisely, an ordinary coffee shop, which I might not even have noticed if was in the area an hour away from Central London. In short, nothing too fancy, Royal and too sweet vanilla”.

“I tried the lemon tart. Perhaps he was inspired by Harry and Megan nontraditional recipe of a wedding cake. So, the dessert is though interesting to taste, but honestly, I would this on my wedding didn’t order. For those who want to see, catch address: 47 Wilton Way, London” — shared Elena Flower.

Watch the video, as a correspondent for Breakfast with 1+1 Elena Flower revealed the peculiarities of the preparation for the Royal wedding:

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