Where and with whom to spend a romantic holiday – horoscope holiday romance!

If you go on vacation for romantic impressions, is seriously practical advice on how and where to meet.

Де і з ким провести романтичну відпустку - гороскоп курортного роману!

That will be the case for small — sea and sun will do the trick, and you will be rewarded with unforgettable impressions!,reports Rus.Media.


Aries for romantic Dating, it is recommended to visit the place with a large crowd of people, mass celebrations and dance floor. You can safely take the initiative, but the object for Dating may look modest and reserved, pay attention to the type, reports Rus.Media.


Taurus should choose expensive resorts — most often representatives of this sign can afford a lot. It is impossible to meet on the street or in the restaurant. Is to make friends with neighbors from a hotel room. But as a partner you will approach people with a harmonious facial features, community of interest which catches the eye.


Gemini can meet anywhere and with anyone. The time has come for a good start of any romantic relationship that may develop into more serious feelings and plans. Choose the best members of the opposite sex, thus pay attention to the level of intelligence of the partner: the higher the better!


Cancerians will feel comfortable on the coast. Sun and sea — your best assistants. Pay attention to partners older and more impressive. Nothing special to do, just more likely to catch the eye.


Lions should go to rest a large and noisy company. Plan who should take the list may turn out to be your romantic adventure. And to rest in the company will definitely join the other vacationers, among whom may be someone more interesting.


Virgins should plan a vacation in a couple with someone. Even if relations between you before the trip not occur, the flash of passion in the warm sea is guaranteed. Partner for a joint trip is to seek among their peers, old friends, classmates and fellow students.


Libra needs to think carefully about your wardrobe, the most careful attention to their appearance. The trip to the resort should stretch to get bright and unforgettable impressions. It is best to go alone and to pay attention to the partners who are older.


Scorpions can safely take the initiative in getting acquainted. Meet can be in any place. During the holidays it is recommended to drink red wine (in reasonable quantities, of course) that will add the courage to make the eyes attractive luster.


Sagittarius it is advisable to visit a distant country with other cultures. Your man may be of a different nationality and may even have a different skin color. Should fill it naive questions about his country and people — romantic acquaintance you provided.


Capricorns should not go to distant countries — pick a resort with similar climatic conditions. Better travel and accommodation alone. Just take a walk in the evening unhurried pace, providing a wealth of choice for those who will stop you on the street and try to meet.


Aquarians just need a sea coast. The wind from the sea will make you full of energy, and your wishes will come true in a miraculous way. Just pre-plan what kind of partner I want to meet and what you expect from this relationship.


Fish a vacation at sea is not recommended. If possible, go to the mountains or a sightseeing trip to historical places. You should pay attention to the members of the tour group. Play with someone in the “peepers” and don’t forget to portray languid eyes.

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