These trends will be at the peak of popularity

For the most daring.

Ці тренди незабаром будуть на піку популярності

I think that if you had gilded the ears covered with glitter armpits and eyebrows in the form of ribbons, you’ve seen them all? No. Tireless stylists, makeup artists, and just people with imagination to create new and new beauty trends. And if some of them are forgotten in a week, others spill from Instagram to the streets and become the new fashion — just look at that hair all colors of the rainbow. Perhaps the day is near when men will dye your nails, and women to make cool self, — sprinkle with glitter language, reports Rus.Media.

We have collected the beauty trends that can take over the world.

Men with painted nails

Ці тренди незабаром будуть на піку популярності

Men’s manicure is not new, but until recently men have not decided on a color varnish. The first was designer Marc Jacobs has published in his Instagram some pictures with painted nails. Since then, the trend is gaining momentum — for example, colored lacquer likes to use well-known singer-songwriter and YouTube blogger Joey Graceffa (Joey Graceffa). More photos can be seen in Instagram using hashtag #malepolish.

Makeup nose

Ці тренди незабаром будуть на піку популярностіЦі тренди незабаром будуть на піку популярності

Makeup artists do not get tired to come up with various techniques of makeup, and they did not have enough eyes or lips. It is now fashionable to create pictures on the bridge. Instagram-trendsetters romanet the tip of the nose, draw to him the hearts and clouds and glued sequins with rhinestones. This is something there, isn’t it?

Shiny hair

Ці тренди незабаром будуть на піку популярності

Rainbow hair is no surprise, now they weave garlands of small bulbs, and the famous Hollywood colorist guy Tang even invented a special paint which glows in the dark. In daylight, the hair looks very bright, and under a fluorescent lamp start to Shine. The effect lasts about 3 weeks.

Chain on eyelids

Ці тренди незабаром будуть на піку популярності

Stick the chain on century came up with the makeup artist Chuni Zahedi. She works part-time in a jewelry store, and one day, when one of the ornaments broke, she decided to use it as an accessory for makeup. Her fans approved the idea, and, of course, among them there were those who dared repeat the unusual makeup.

Sequins in the language

Ці тренди незабаром будуть на піку популярності

Australian makeup artist Jacinta Vukovic often decorated with glitter lips, but one day she accidentally struck a sparkling coating on the tongue. The result so she liked that she shared it in Instagram, and she immediately found imitators — now you can find a lot self girls with his tongue hanging out, covered with sequins, and the hashtag #glittertongue.

The blush in the shape of a heart

Ці тренди незабаром будуть на піку популярності

The trend for blush in the shape of a heart came up with Korean girls. Someone just draws a heart on the cheeks, and someone uses a stencil — and then the heart remains nesaratnam and blush are distributed around it. Many cute photos with this blush you can find it in Instagram with the hashtag #heartblush.

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