The driving exam will be written on the video

Now, you may be able to avoid the abuse of power on the part of instructors.

Іспит водіння будуть писати на відео

The Ministry of internal Affairs plan to introduce video recording of the practical examination for obtaining a driver’s license, reports Rus.Media.

This was announced during a round table meeting, the head of the Main service centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs Vladislav Crickley.

“We are actively working to introduce mandatory video recording of the entire process of passing the practical exam,” said the official.

In addition, the Department offered to amend the legislation to separate the theoretical and practical exams to obtain a driving license.

“Today exams is reminiscent of a children’s camp when 20-30 graduates of the driving school’s hand coming with the teacher. It is clear that in such cases much more opportunities for abuse and certain agreements. When all this is separate, and each person is able to apply for the examination and newtonii time for him to take it, this tangle of corruption we can break”, – said Crickley.

According to him, now corruption in obtaining a driver’s license begins at the driving school. “It’s called a corrupt triangle. Part of this driving school, representatives of the service centres and interested people,” – said the official.

He said that among the achievements of the Ministry in fighting corruption while obtaining a driver’s license is the introduction of the uniform design of driver’s licenses and the development of common questions for the theoretical exams.

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