The Ambassador, Poroshenko said that the combat dolphins in Crimea refused to take food from the hands of Russian instructors, and died

In anacoana Crimea died of hunger military dolphins belonged to the Navy APU Ukraine. This was told by the permanent representative of the President of Ukraine in AR.

Постпред Порошенко заявив, що бойові дельфіни в Криму відмовилися від їжі з рук російських інструкторів і померли

In anacoana Crimea, in Sevastopol, starved to death, the combat dolphins that belonged to the naval forces of Ukraine of Ukraine, reports Rus.Media.

This writes “Obozrevatel” referring to the permanent representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Boris Babin, who said that the unique mammals found no understanding with the new Russian coaches.

“With animals is related a very sad story I told”, he said.

According to Babina, “military Dolphin in contact with their coaches through special whistles. The Russians got the whistles and all the other special property of corresponding military units, but trained animals not only refused to cooperate with the new Russian coach, but refused to eat and after some time died.”

“It is very sad that a lot of Ukrainian military, who in 2014 were stationed in Crimea, treated the question of the oath of allegiance to the flag is much worse than these dolphins,” – said the permanent representative of the President.

He also said that as of 2018 the Navy APU is no practical or research work on the use of marine mammals.

“The military unit that did it, came from the occupied Crimea without property and animals,” said Babin.

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