Social life with Katerina Osadchaya

Jamal introduced Katya Osadchaya with her husband and son, and sincerely told me about your first weeks of motherhood.

Світське життя з Катериною Осадчою

Katya Osadchaya congratulated Jamal and Amir Rahman with the first child’s month of birth!

How has Your life changed? How changed your style? Has the regime changed?

-I do, that the time was at the rehearsal, at work, but still, I can say that the first month belongs entirely to him. He’s small, he’s our Prince, we all love him very much and do everything to make him comfortable that he was well-fed and slept in a warm bed, said Jamal.

You feed every 3 hours like most moms do? Or on demand?
-There was a time when I could afford to feed, and now he has adjusted to that they are fed every two-and-a-half to three hours. I don’t mind.

We help our parents. They took the responsibility to cook our meals, informs Rus.Media.

-Parents have taken on this subject, they are preparing. They have a chat, my mom and mother of Bekir. In the chat they send me options. Mom says, “Tonight I will cook buckwheat and steam cutlets, souffle milk”. Mother of Bekir writes: “And I’ll make that”. And every day they send us food. This is such a help!

But I have become accustomed to motherhood and can’t imagine life without our little boy.

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