Scientists call the perfect time for a wedding

Hurry in this case it is impossible, but to delay the marriage is not worth it.

Вчені назвали ідеальний час для весілля

The love will unintentionally appear suddenly… it Seemed that you just met and after a couple of months planning a wedding. Be patient, psychologists say. Otherwise, most likely your marriage will end in divorce, reports Rus.Media.

We all want to show their best side, says sexologist Yulia Varra. – No one deliberately will not show on the first date its negative qualities. And on the contrary, if people like it, may try to adapt.

Especially in this case succeeded men. They are real chameleons that are ready for any exploits. Start shaving in the morning, get a subscription to the gym, change your wardrobe.

– If a person falls in love, he did not know. He’s trying to match the level of women trying to impersonate her ideal.

You say, “Well, that’s great! Love changes people”. But any the honeymoon period ends. Men usually return to a previous version of yourself.

– This romantic stage typically lasts eight months. And if at this time to get married, the partners getting married is not on a real person, and improved my look.

Well, the rose-colored glasses, as a rule, such couples relieve in the marriage. And what they see, not particularly happy. So to meet before the wedding should be at least eight months. And as a maximum? American scientist, expert on relationships, human behavior researcher Helen Fisher believes that we need to meet before the wedding for about two years. During this time, the passion, the attraction of moving to a higher level, which, according to psychologists, is the real love.

However, tightening is not worth it – civil marriages often end sadly.

According to statistics, 80% of men living in the so-called civil marriage, in the questionnaires, write – free – says Yulia Varra. – Conversely, 100% of women who live with her husband, writing that she is married. Marriage is not only rights but also responsibilities, and the person that lives in common-law relationships, receives all rights: regular sex, lunch, and cleaning, and no responsibilities – he can get up and go to another, which will give the sex hot, and the soup tastier.

I must say that the success of a marriage depends on the age of women. Scientists have calculated that it is better to get married after 23 years. For comparison, the 18-year marriage disintegrates in 60 percent of cases. But among women of 23 years divorces only every third. With the current statistics of divorce quite convincing data.

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