School lines will be no more

The Ministry of plotting a revolution.

Шкільних лінійок більше не буде

The Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych said that would cost the school is to host events for the communication of teachers with pupils in other formats, informs Rus.Media.

“The position of the Ministry of education and science is that the line is not the only method of gathering children and discussion of important topics,” – said Grinevich reporters on may 14.

She recalled that line at Cherkasy school was devoted to the theme of victory in the Second world war.

“We can talk about it with kids more interesting and productive way”, – stressed the Minister.

Grinevich added that the philosophy of “New Ukrainian schools”, implemented by the Ministry of education, is to shift from an authoritarian pedagogy to pedagogy of partnership. At the same time the Minister noted that just ban the line will also be wrong.

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