Russia sent Ukraine a note of protest

The Russian Embassy has sent the Ukrainian foreign Ministry a note of protest in connection with detention of the head, “RIA Novosti-Ukraine”.

Росія направила Україні ноту протесту

The Russian Embassy in Kiev sent to the Ministry of foreign Affairs the note with the requirement to take measures to stop the persecution of journalists of the information Agency “RIA Novosti-Ukraine” and the dismissal of its head Konstantin Vyshinsky, reports Rus.Media.

As powderless on Tuesday on the website of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine, in connection with reports about the searches in the Kiev office of “RIA Novosti-Ukraine” and the arrest of its leader K. Wyszynski, Embassy “indignantly says that the Ukrainian side “in violation of its international obligations and domestic legislation stubbornly continues to restrict freedom of speech, to interfere with journalistic activities, public expressions of views and beliefs, to arrange repression against correspondents”.

“In this regard was sent to the Ukrainian foreign Ministry a note of protest with the requirement to take all necessary measures to end violence against representatives of the media, the immediate release of K. Wyszynski, objective investigation into the incident, punish those guilty of excess of powers of office”, – stated in the message.

The Russian Embassy also urged the Ukrainian side to refrain from further “confrontational steps that lead to degradation of relations between the two countries and prevent the restoration of a constructive dialogue” between the two States.

The Embassy stated that they expect an adequate response to the “violation” of the Ukrainian government of human rights with international organizations and their representative offices in Ukraine.

Earlier in the day, the security Service of Ukraine reported that their employees together with the Prosecutor’s office of Crimea has revealed the activities of the network of mass-media, controlled by the Russian Federation and carries out investigative actions in the office of “RIA Novosti-Ukraine” in Kiev.

Also militiamen detained on Tuesday morning in Kiev, an employee of “RIA Novosti-Ukraine” Kirill Vyshinsky, who is the head, “RIA Novosti-Ukraine”.

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