Nutritionists dispelled the popular myth about the benefits of Breakfast

A hearty Breakfast is the main enemy of a thin waist.

Дієтологи розвіяли популярний міф про користь сніданку

It is believed that Breakfast should be regularly and tightly and satisfying. But is it really? Scientists from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) came to the conclusion that contrary to popular opinion, Breakfast should be dense and rich in calories.

About it writes Rus.Media.

Such a hearty Breakfast is the main enemy of a thin waist, the researchers noted. Scientists conducted an experiment with two groups of volunteers, who ate a hearty Breakfast and light showed the meal early in the day contributes to intensive geroulanou

“In the morning hours due to low glucose is the maximum accumulation of body fat. Therefore it is better to use light and not rich in nutrients Breakfast”, was the opinion of the authors of a research project.

Volunteers during the tests adhered to the dietary form of Breakfast (skim milk, light cereals) lost weight for several months by an average of 7 kg were lost in waist 10 cm

Prior to this, scientists from the U.S. also voiced the opinion that a nutritious and hearty Breakfast can promote fullness. The researchers noted that a hearty Breakfast is relevant only in the case when the person experiences during the day of serious exercise. People are not too physically active habit of eating a lot early in the day correlates with a General tendency to eat in large quantities.

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