Not pleased everyone: Ani Lorak returned to Ukraine

Known Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak returned to Ukraine, which is now to be with her daughter and husband.

Не догодила всім: Ані Лорак повернулася до україни

This singer arrived in Kiev. This is evidenced by the photos with geolocation and video personal blog of the actress, reports Rus.Media.

So, first, the singer published a photo with 6-year-old daughter Sonia. On pictures Lorak put the geolocation Kiev, Ukraine. But since in the picture the daughter of the actress looks much younger than it is now, the fans did not pay much attention to the location of the performer.

That singer in Kiev testified that lorac congratulated her fans on mother’s day. “Happy Mother’s Day! All mothers world health and happiness! Happy mother’s Day!”, — signed by the artist publication.

Such a signature has divided her fans into two camps. Some joined in the congratulations and reciprocated, others have condemned the singer for what she acts of the Russian Federation and does not live according to their rules and celebrate “American holidays”.

“Today is mother’s Day?”, “Mother’s day you can certainly each day to celebrate. But the celebration of autumn!” “Mother’s day in autumn with us, and this mother’s Day celebration is American, well for those who celebrates on February 14!”, “this day celebrates all overseas, but not Russia! We have our own holidays and traditions and they should be supported, not in the West to watch,” he criticized the followers of Ani Lorak.

Today, may 14, guess that singer in Ukraine was confirmed. So lorac has posted in his Instagram video Stories from the streets of Kiev, including downtown. And later posted a photo with her husband and also set the geolocation Kiev, Ukraine.

Cher’s visit to Ukraine has puzzled her fans. Some were glad of the arrival of the singer, others lashed out at the actress with questions that she left in Kiev.

“Homecoming!”, “So glad you are now home with the family! Hello, Carolina” — glad some followers. Others wrote: “Go to your favorite Russian”, “wow, what did she do here? Have a favorite Moscow, there and go”.

Russian fans have also condemned the singer, not understanding the purpose of her visit: “Take it and let us no longer comes cabbage to cut! Singing let you for your hryvnia!!!”.

Не догодила всім: Ані Лорак повернулася до україни

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