May 15 – the world celebrates the international day of family, purpose

This holiday was established by the UN General Assembly in 1993. The occasion of “international family day” was created with the aim of attracting public attention to the problems of the family today, there are many.

15 травня -  світ відзначає Міжнародний день сім&#039ї, призначення

The family is the basic element of society and guardian of human values. Family at all times has been a factor of stability and development. It helps to strengthen the state and improve the welfare of the people. The relation of the state to the family you can even tell about its development, informs Rus.Media.

The main purpose of family can be called the birth and upbringing of children. It is very important that the family was strong. In the family the child learns to understand the secrets of communication between people, learning of love and care. Through the family from generation to generation passed on wisdom and knowledge.

Every year for the International day of families choose a different theme. So, over the years, the motto of the Day was: “Promoting social integration and intergenerational solidarity”, “ensuring a balance between work and family responsibilities for the benefit of families and society as a whole”, “the solution to the problems of poor families and problems of social exclusion”.

The impact of migration on families around the world, “Families and persons with disabilities”, “the Impact of HIV and AIDS on family well-being, Families and aging – opportunities and challenges”, “building families based on partnership”, “Men are the main? Gender equality and the rights of children in modern families,” “Family, healthy lifestyle and sustainable future,” “Family, education, and welfare”, “Family and inclusive society”and others.

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