May 15 – international family day

Today the world celebrates international family day.

15 травня - Міжнародний день сім'ї

Family for each person is very important for life. Being born into the light, little man finds mom and dad, and grow up to create your own family. The family is not only parents and loved ones, relatives and sometimes even friends that went through fire and water. Of course, in the traditional sense, family is mother, father and their children. It is not surprising that there is an international family holiday, where all people come together and celebrate this bright holiday.

International family day was established on 15 may 1994 at the initiative of the United Nations. The celebration involves the lighting is more important family issues discussed at various public conferences and the media. Also on this day held a variety of festivals, which is aimed at attracting families, their unity and the realization of important joint time.

History of the international day of families

The origin of the family day began in 1989 when the UN has a desire to create one day that will be devoted to consideration of problems of families in different countries. In 1993, the UN adopted a resolution, which was approved the day of families on 15 may 1994, reports Rus.Media.

Every year the UN is highlighting of the most urgent problems in the family.

The tradition of the international family day

It is no secret that a happy and harmonious family should have traditions that will unite all family members. A common habit in the family is needed as families without children to maintain love and understanding, and to families with children, to accustom them to normal relations between family members. Other children need a happy childhood that they can provide, only parents. For example, the tradition every weekend to take the children Hiking not only unite the whole family, and will introduce the kids to culture and the right attitude to nature.

The administration of each district in the international day of families satisfied with the program, concerts, competitions, interesting performances and fireworks. All the families came with children, studied to establish the right attitude and set a good example for their children.
On this day we should not forget about the parent family. Definitely worth a visit and even better to get together and, for example, to go on the nature on shish kebabs. If there is no opportunity to personally congratulate the parents, you should be sure to call and say warm words, because parent family is important for every person, it begins with her child’s development. Parents nurture, protect, love and teach how to behave in a given situation.

A tradition can be all the family gatherings in a cozy atmosphere. You can remember funny stories from childhood parents and their families, to hear about their childhood and give guidance to their children. For these meetings sufficient to gather at the table all the relatives, cook a delicious dinner, you can even make each member of a large family and small gifts and arrange interesting competitions.

What to give for a family holiday?

To give or not to give gifts on this holiday, everyone decides for himself alone, but to also welcome surprises like everyone. If you live in a family without children, my wife, to celebrate the triumph with her joint trip to the restaurant. Romantic cozy atmosphere, light dinner, nice music in such circumstances, you can say a toast for the prosperity and extension of the family.

To give a man the family day a variety of gifts that will benefit him. It is not strange, in this day you can give drills and tools that are needed only by man. A good gift can become things homemade, warm sweaters, bathrobes. You can give a good watch, purse, dont forget about the technique, for example, phones, tablets. Beloved, you can choose a good perfume.

Wife on the international day of the family can give a variety of gifts, ranging from a light surprises and ending with expensive and valuable gifts. Whether you can give homemade items, such as pajamas or a Bathrobe, nice bath towel. A useful gift for the home can become household kitchen appliances for example blenders, crock pots, in short everything that will help your loved to facilitate her work in the kitchen. If funds allow, you can give more expensive gifts, such as jewelry.
Universal can become gifts for family and not for someone specific, for example, that a home, it is necessary simultaneously to both spouses.

It can be home appliances, fitness equipment, a good set of bed linen and much more.
Some families agree in General with each other does not give, and instead to conduct a joint day. For example, to organize an active holiday with friends or Vice versa, to retire away from the city, in the forest Lodge. You can schedule a trip to the shops or evening at home watching a good movie.

Children on a family holiday to give gifts or to organize joint trips to the circus, zoo, theatre, concerts. For gifts you can look at the designers, interactive games, soft toys, sets for creativity. In the end, it is possible to gather the whole family and go camping. It is important to pay more attention to the development of the child in the family, because over time this knowledge will be useful already in his family. And not for nothing that organized this festival, namely because it is necessary to pay more attention to their kids before they grow up, how you take in their life part. A small child can still be educated, but of an adult, and all were once children.
Adult parents on international day of families is also important to pay attention to. Most often, parents from children is not the right gift, as it is important that the presence of a child and the realization that the child remembers and loves your family. As a gift you can give need things for the home, appliances, nice TV, appliances, collectible books, memorabilia, hand made, paintings, restored photos, and more.

Family day is a holiday, especially when you want to unite with their family and friends, to tell each other warm words of love, attention and care to give a small gift or just to call.

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