Is there any benefit in milk or what will happen if we abandon it?

Since childhood, mothers and grandmothers told us that we need to drink milk to be healthy and keep bones strong.

Чи є користь в молоці або що станеться, якщо від нього відмовитися?

Since childhood, mothers and grandmothers told us that we need to drink milk in order to health and keep bones strong. Becoming older many of us have carried this habit into adulthood and continue to regularly drink milk. But whether the milk is so unequivocally useful or is it fraught with pitfalls about which we have no clue? Modern research milk opened to the world many new and unexpected, reports Rus.Media.

Your weight does not change

On this subject there have been many studies, analyzing the results, experts from the University of clinical nutrition concluded that there is no solid scientific evidence of any effect of dairy products on weight.

According to other large scale studies, involving more than 12,000 children it was found that the more milk they drank, the more their weight. Therefore, it is likely that after not eating dairy products your weight will depend on you.

Will be good for the digestion

About 65% of the population suffers from lactose intolerance in one form or another. Studies say that these people have noted a lower risk of lung cancer, ovarian and breast, so some scientists believe that lactose intolerance may be a natural protective reaction of the organism. Nevertheless, many continue to drink milk and tolerate the discomfort, characterized by the irritable bowel syndrome. That is why it is always better to listen to your body and act as he suggests.

Skin condition will improve

Instead of buying expensive cosmetics for care of problem skin, try just for some time to abandon dairy products. Many dermatologists even recommend without lactose diet as the first course of action in the treatment of diseases such as acne and eczema. For reviews, many of the practitioners of such a diet have noted a visual improvement of the skin, reducing the amount of inflammation and a nice bonus: more energy and less digestive issues.

You reduce the risk of cancer

Swedish researchers found that women who drank more than 1 glass of milk a day, 2 times more frequent in ovarian cancer. While researchers from Harvard examined men who drank 2 times more milk than the recommended daily allowance. In the result, it was found that their risk of developing prostate cancer was 34% higher than those who drank fewer milk.

You consume enough calcium

Still at school we learned that milk is an excellent source of calcium, therefore, the rejection of dairy products is often associated with a lack of this mineral. However, in reality there are many plant sources of calcium, good for bones: greens, beans, nuts, fruits, especially oranges and figs, cereals.

You increase the risk of developing diabetes

Did you know that today scientists agree that low-fat dairy products are not beneficial to the body. And more often quite the opposite. In the course of research carried out in 2015 by the American Institute of clinical nutrition, it was found that the more low-fat dairy products you eat, the higher the risk of diabetes. The reason may be that manufacturers replace the missing fat with sugar, making dairy products in a potentially dangerous.

You will learn useful alternative to milk

Studies conducted in USA, reported that those who regularly consume yogurt are likely to have greater bone density than those who prefer other types of dairy products. And probiotics in yogurt, you won’t find in milk, will help to double weight loss when dieting — this is what we say the study, published in the British journal of Nutrition. That is why nutritionists recommend when preparing milkshakes to use yogurt with full fat milk instead.

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