Incredible find: archaeologists have discovered the clock from the future

The find was estimated at half a million dollars.

Неймовірна знахідка: археологи виявили годинник з майбутнього

Scientists all the time made many surprising discoveries, the appearance of which sometimes could not explain, according to Rus.Media.

Once again archaeologists have unearthed English pocket watch 300 years of age, made of pure gold. Three centuries ago, of course, the accessory in any way could not appear.

On the watch itself caused the following inscription: “Friends from the real friends from the future.” These lines, as well as chronometer hours, displays date 18.08.2025 year, indicate the possible arrival of people from the distant future.

Scientists can not comment on the findings. In their opinion, someone could just make a joke, buried in the ground clock. The Joker was definitely rich, since the discovery has been estimated at 500 thousand dollars.

There were also archaeologists who believe that the time machine is a reality and it will soon develop. However, this is nothing more than speculation and the desire of specialists.

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