In Russia, the demolition of the Mall Winter cherry , which burned 60 people

Residents of the city want in its place appeared a new Park.

У РФ зносять ТРЦ Зимова вишня , в якому згоріли 60 осіб

In the Russian Kemerovo commenced the demolition of the shopping centre, “Winter cherry”, in which during a fire on March 25 killed 60 people, including 41 children, reports Rus.Media.

Dismantle not only the main building, but located near the bathhouse and boiler. The costs are assumed by the owners of the “Winter cherry”.

To see a video of the demolition online.

In place the SEC want to make a square, in which territory will construct a monument or chapel.


According to the official version, the fire in the “Winter cherry” has occurred from-for short circuit. From the roof of the shopping center has not removed the snow. It started to melt and the water got on one of the lamps over a pool of foam cubes, there was a fire. The automatic extinguishing system was not water — there is a street water pipe due to frost blocked. Automatic system of fire alarm in the shopping centre did not work, and manually alert the guards not included.

In the case of a fire eight persons have been arrested. It manages the shopping center, General and technical Director of the company-owner, Director and employee of the company that installed the fire safety system, the former head of the Inspectorate of Gosstroynadzor, security guard, shopping center and chief of the fire guard.

The investigation found persons who obstructed inspection of fire safety in the “Winter cherry”.

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