In Lviv emergency landing the plane from Antalya

The aircraft of the airline ” Norwegian B737 during flight from Antalya to Oslo made an emergency landing in Lviv due to the loss of consciousness of a passenger on Board.

У Львові екстрено приземлився літак з Анталії

As reports “Ukrmedia”, reported General Director of State enterprise “international airport “Lviv” named Daniel Galitsky” Tatiana Romanovskaya, reports Rus.Media.

“The airport staff promptly called all the necessary services and an ambulance, four passengers remained in Lviv. After the technical inspection of the plane with 180 passengers flew to Oslo, ” said Romanovskaya.

As the head shifts Tatyana Stepanova, after a hard unscheduled landing, the aircraft required major inspection, which delayed his departure for a half hour.

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